052 | Stress

Joshua & Ryan talk about how they handle stress, tension, and anxiety, and they answer the following questions: What have you found most challenging about maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, and how have you overcome those challenges? What can I do to feel more comfortable around non-minimalists? Do you think you both would have continued to be long-term minimalists without having one another along for the journey for support and encouragement? The workload at my current job consistently flows over into my personal time on my evenings and weekends, and it causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety in doing so—should I stick it out, and if so, how do I manage the stress and anxiety? How do I deal with the stress and anxiety of commuting daily in my car so I don’t have to give up access to the things I love like my job, my partner, and my recreational activities? Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast

Source: The Minimalists