061 | InstaLive

Joshua jumped on Instagram Live to answer a bunch of questions about minimalism, including: How can I live with a non-minimalist who likes to keep everything? What has been the most valuable thing you have learned on your minimalist journey? Was your partner a minimalist before you met? How do you manage stress when you feel mentally tired or overwhelmed? In regards to people, how do you go about saying “no”? Should I move to improve my life? Do you do laundry every day? Do you see a link between minimalism and spirituality? Do you have some tips for dealing with people in your life who don’t get minimalism? If I have debt, should I invest first or pay off the debt first? What do you think of Dave Ramsey? Your film is not available on Netflix in my country—is there another option to watch your film worldwide? When is your next tour date? What are our thoughts on nutrition? What is your favorite recipe on the Minimal Wellness website? How do you retrain a young child’s materialistic mindset when your family is becoming more minimalist? Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast

Source: The Minimalists