073 | Vermont

Joshua & Ryan visit Vermont for the first time, and they answer the following questions: Once you decluttered your home, how did you fill the empty space appropriately without falling back into old habits? If you could give minimalism a more appropriate name, what would you call it? How do you deal with all the paperwork in life that seems important and necessary? What do your daily lives look like now that you’ve wholly adopted minimalism? What baby steps can someone take if they’re having trouble adopting minimalism? Can minimalism be applied to other areas of life besides our living and working spaces? When you tell people you’re minimalists, what’s the difference in their reactions between now and when you started six years ago? Is there anything you simply had to have, something you couldn’t let go of? Did you have to teach yourself to say ‘no’ to things? How can the poor and destitute benefit from minimalism? How do you deal with unwanted and unneeded gifts you receive from loved ones? As a minimalist, how do you reconcile minimalist practices with all the non-minimalist things that come with having children? Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast

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Source: The Minimalists