10 Types of Hidden Income Lying Around Your House

How much ‘stuff’ do you have lying around your house that you don’t want or need? You may often hear that you can sell items from your home to make extra money, but do you ever feel motivated to take action?

I started selling items from my home from time to time over a year ago and I’ll admit, I dragged my feet on getting started.

Selling items online or offline does require some time, effort and strategy, but so does doing any type of work to earn money.

If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, it can seem like the easier solution to just throw things out or donate them. While there’s nothing wrong with donating things, if you make the mistake of thinking that selling the items you find around the house is just not worth the hassle, you’ll be missing out on adding more money to your pocket and household.

The truth is, there’s probably quite a bit of hidden income lying around your house in the form of old items you no longer use.

They’re taking up space and in this post, I’m going to show you the easiest ways to sell 10 common household items for a profit.

1. Clothing and Shoes


Items like clothing, shoes and bags tend to sell like hotcakes as long as you sell them the proper way. If you have kids, you must consider selling their old clothes unless you have a younger child or family member who can benefit from the items.

Since my son is a growing child, I always go through his closet at the end of each season and determine which items he can no longer wear. If they are in good condition, I sell them online or at local consignment stores that will buy the clothing from me.

I try stores like Once Upon a Child which is a national franchise. If you’re going to sell clothing to a store, make sure it’s a popular one with high standards so they’ll be able to afford to pay you fairly for the clothes.

I don’t shop as much anymore for myself, but for any clothing I come across and realize I no longer wear, I try to sell it on Amazon, eBay or ThredUp, or to a local consignment store.

2. Handbags and Accessories


If you have designer clothing or handbags, you can consider selling your items on an app called Poshmark. Designer handbags can sell for half of the retail price.

eBay is a great place to sell jewelry and shoes. If you don’t know what to price your item, you can always let people bid on it on eBay.

3. Kitchen Supplies


Most of us spend a decent amount of time in our kitchens, whether it involves eating, preparing a meal or cleaning up. I challenge you to take the time to actively look through your kitchen and pull out any items that you no longer use but tend to overlook each day.

Maybe it’s a blender, toaster, old coffee machine, cupcake pan, glass storage container, etc. Instead of just letting those items sit on your counter or take up space in your cabinets, consider selling them; just make sure they are in good condition.

I have a waffle maker and a small popcorn maker in my cabinet that I haven’t used in over a year. I can easily sell each for $5 – $10 and stop telling myself that one day I’m going to use the items (because I doubt I will).

4. Video Games and Gaming Systems


Video games and game systems sell really well because they are so expensive new. You can earn pretty good money on games and systems you’re no longer using.

If you wish to upgrade your gaming system, sell your existing one to supplement the cost of the new purchase. When my husband and I started living together, we realized that we both had an Xbox 360. Since we had no need for two systems, I decided to sell mine with the Kinect and a few games and made a nice profit.

You can sell your system and games online or to stores like Game Stop. Just search for the best deal and don’t sell yourself short.

5. Movies


You’d think that with services like Redbox, Netflix and Amazon Video, fewer people would be buying DVDs and blue-ray discs. Despite these alternative options, people still really like to buy movies for some reason.

If you have movies that are just laying around your house because you no longer watch them, consider selling them at a garage sale or online.

It’s best to sell used movies in bulk because you probably won’t earn that much from them if you sell them one-by-one unless it’s a special edition or rare film.

6. Cell Phones


It’s so easy to kick your old phone to the curb when you get a shiny new one. However, if your old phone still works, you can sell it for cash, especially if you have desired brands like an iPhone or Galaxy.

Even if your old phone doesn’t work, it can still be worth some money. You can also try selling it on sites like Kiiboo or NextWorth. There’s also more than 2,000 ecoATM kiosks located in shopping malls across the nation that will pay you for your old phone or device.

7. Computers


Just like how your old phone is worth money, your old computer or laptop will be just as valuable if not more. According to Time, households have $400 – $800 in the form of unused laptop computers lying around their homes.

Computers are still valuable because even if they don’t work, people may still want them for parts. Companies like Gazelle, NextWorth and YouRenew will gladly take your old computer off your hands.

8. Furniture


Furniture always sells so if you have old furniture you no longer use, try selling it before you give it away. Furniture is hard to sell online because you have to pay for shipping and it just seems like a huge hassle.

However, you can sell your old furniture via garage sale, Nextdoor, local Facebook buy sell and trade groups, Craigslist or at local consignment shops. We don’t have a ton of furniture, to begin with, but last year I sold an old coffee table we were given for free and received $15. I also sold my son’s old toddler bed for $20.

I encourage you to go through your storage and sell some of the furniture you haven’t used in awhile and don’t plan on using in the future.

9. Books


What do you do with your books after you read them? I just finished a really good book while on a road trip last week and I immediately thought to give it away or sell it. I don’t read the same book multiple times so if you’re like me and have little to no use for your old books, sell them online or in person. If you have dozens of books lying around, you could be sitting on hundreds of dollars in cash.

Books are super easy to sell and I’d recommend selling your books on Amazon if you’re going to sell them online. You can set up a virtual bookstore and even use the Fulfillment by Amazon service to ship all your books for you when you make a sale.

10. Children’s Toys


Children go through toys rather quickly, which is why I love buying used toys. However, for holidays and birthdays, I do tend to buy new toys or my son receives them as gifts. When he’s done playing with the toys, they just sit around collecting dust. I think another child could be playing with them so I like to sell them.

Toys have been easy for me to sell. I sell them at Once Upon a Child, at garage sales or online. Garage sales have been great for selling old toys because kids like instant gratification so whether they are shopping with their parents or not, their parent won’t see any harm in surprising them with a cheap garage sale toy.

Keep in mind that many communities have huge garage sale days where they promote neighborhood sales heavily so you can get more bang for your buck.

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Final Word


If you’ve been on the fence about selling old and unused items from your home, realize that you could very well have hundreds or even over a thousand dollars of hidden income lying around your house.

While selling items from your home probably won’t provide you with a consistent income, it can help you supplement a bill, pay off debt, boost one of your savings accounts or afford you and your family a nice night out.

Just remember to use the appropriate platform for the item you wish to sell in order to promote it to the correct audience/potential buyer.


Do you think you have any hidden income lying around your home? Have you ever sold any of these things to earn extra money? How do you typically use extra money you make on the side?

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