7 Simple Ways to Save Money With Social Media

How much time do you spend on social media each day? If you’re like most people, you probably spend around one third of your time on social media. It may sound surprising, but it’s incredibly easy to kill more time than you realize laughing at memes, checking updates on friends or reading the latest news updates. Have you ever thought about how you can save money with social media?

Practicing frugality and saving money can help you get far with your finances. If you find yourself browsing on your social apps throughout the days, consider these seven easy ways to save money with social media.

1. Buy Items on the Facebook Marketplace


The Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite Facebook features. It allows you to shop for items that are being sold for cheap in your local area. You can use this tool to find clothes, furniture, electronics, household appliances and more.

I’m using the Facebook Marketplace right now to scope out deals on furniture since we’re planning on buying a house next year. I need lots of new-to-me furniture and items like couches, chairs and a kitchen table can all be super costly if I had to purchase them new.

It works just like Craigslist so you’ll have to take regular safety precautions when meeting up to buy the items you want. Make sure the item you’re interested in has clear images and a specific description. If you arrange a meet up with a buyer to purchase an item, make sure you meet up in a public place, bring someone with you, or let loved ones know the address you’ll be at. Also, paying in cash is probably your best bet.

2. Follow Businesses For Discounts


Another way to save money with social media is to follow your favorite businesses so you can be one of the first to receive offers and discounts. You can even do this with Amazon; following them on their social channels can be a great way to save money on Amazon.

Normally, businesses will ask you to join their email list so you can receive exclusive offers. If you’d rather not receive sales emails, follow your favorite businesses on social media and keep your eyes open for discounts and coupon codes, which they will share on their social channels.

Twitter and Facebook can be particularly helpful for taking advantage of flash sales.

Some companies will even offer you a discount when you mention them on social media. Whenever I need electronics like my laptop or phone fixed, I go to one repair shop in the area that gives me a 15 percent discount when I check in on Facebook and mention their service.

3. Ask Friends For Recommendations


Word of mouth referrals are very powerful and can be an effective way to save money as well. Facebook has a cool recommendations tool where you can tap into your network by asking your friends to recommend products and services like a local doctor, an affordable restaurant, a good handyman, cheap birthday party location, etc.

You never know who knows who and how someone’s recommendation can help you save more by spending less. Even if you don’t use Facebook specifically, you can ask for recommendations from friends on other social sites as well.

4. Connect Your AMEX Card to Your Social Profiles For Special Offers


If you have an American Express credit card, you can connect your account on Facebook or Twitter to receive exclusive offers. You’ll get regular cash back offers (via a statement credit) for shopping with your favorite retailers and making everyday purchases.

You can take advantage of as many offers as you want, whenever you want. Receiving a statement credit means you’ll spend less of your actual money to pay off your bill each month. If you prefer just to get cash back on your purchases, here are some cash back cards to consider.

To date, card members have saved more than $400,000.

5. Follow Daily Deal Social Media Pages


If you don’t frequent specific businesses, you may find it more beneficial to follow ‘daily deal’ social media pages that are geared toward helping people save money.

For example, if you like using sites like Groupon, you can follow them on social media and request notifications so you can read about all their deals. You can also do this for sites like Brad’s Deals and Overstock.

Here’s a list of 15 other money saving websites you can follow, many of which are active with deals on social media. Some of them, like Swagbucks and Ebates make it easy to save money (or even make money) on things you would already be purchasing.

6. Use Twitter Hashtags


Do you ever search hashtags on social media? I would always use them on my posts, but I didn’t actually start looking up hashtags until recently. Besides using hashtags to find potential new followers, you can also use it save a lot of money when you’re trying to narrow down your search for a product or service.

For instance, if you’re looking for furniture, search for hashtags like #furniture #discountfurniture #furnituresale or simply search for the town you’re in.

You can also search for hashtags with specific keywords and actual brand names to narrow down your results.

7. Pinterest Hacks


Pinterest is full of cool DIY hacks that can save you time and money. When you’re feeling creative and would rather learn how to do something on your own, you can use Pinterest like a search engine to pull up unique ideas with step-by-step instructions.

This is a great idea for plumbing projects at home, doing light work on your vehicle or even finding a tasty and affordable recipe to prepare for dinner so you don’t have to order takeout.

I’ve used Pinterest DIY hacks to save money on seasonal decor for my home, birthday party food and decorations, and even items for my wedding.

You can save money with social media many ways. Here are 7 ways to save cash with social media and keep more money in your pocket.

Final Thoughts


Don’t underestimate the influence social media can have on your budget and your spending. You don’t have to be active on every social networking site in order to take advantage of these money saving benefits.

Instead of using social media to persuade you to inflate your lifestyle, use it as a helpful tool to save more money by cutting everyday expenses.


How often do you use social media? What are some other ways you’ve used social media to save money? What is one out of the box way you’ve found to save money?

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