111 | Gift

Joshua & Ryan give you a special episode as a Christmas gift, and they answer the following questions: Why do you think you receive any criticism at all for spreading such a positive message? How do I resolve my feelings of guilt regarding all the items that I purge that must wind up in a landfill? How do I deal with the difficult decisions regarding what items, values, beliefs, relationships to let go? Is it possible to take minimalism too far? What rules should I set for myself when developing my daily schedule to ensure it focuses on my true priorities? How should I address the stress and anxiety I experience when I visit my loved ones’ cluttered environments? How do I help my loved ones find the leverage they need to let go of worthless items? What is the best way to move past negative feedback? How do I let go of friendships that are no longer adding value to my life? How do I conquer the fear of change? What do you believe is the greater good, and how do you believe minimalism can contribute to it? How can I promote a more minimalist lifestyle to others through my profession? Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast.

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