It’s Your Turn!

I‘ve been thinking about this idea for awhile, but a recent conversation between several of you sealed the deal for me: we are now opening up the site here to publish your essays!

For almost a decade now, we’ve called ourselves a community site. I founded it in 2008 as a way to catalog what I was learning about cross-cultural life overseas, but it didn’t take me long to see the value in learning from other people, other walks of life, and different perspectives.

Since 2009, we’ve had a regular team of contributors, usually writing once a quarter. We’d publish their thoughts weekly, and I’d still share my own essays either weekly or twice per week.

I mostly podcast now (here and here), along with writing my next book project and my monthly personal letter. Yet while I still write here every now and then, the bulk of AoS the past few months has been spotlighting the contributors.

Now: We want to include you! We want to hear about what you’re learning, what great ideas you have, and what it means to be you.

No experience is necessary, but it’s essential that you adhere to the guidelines. And depending on how it all goes down, this may be just a temporarily open door.

If you’ve ever wanted to write here, be published online, or simply have thoughts to share that are a bit too long for Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.

Head here for the guidelines.

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