11 Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay $20+ Per Hour

Many people dream about landing work-from-home jobs. The idea of bringing in a steady paycheck working from home while wearing your pajamas has become more of a reality thanks to the opportunities available online. However, you have to wade through a lot of crap to find the best legitimate work-from-home jobs.

Sure, you can make extra money taking online surveys, but they really only provide pocket change and are not meant to support a family. Beyond that, the work-from-home culture is filled with MLM (multi-level marketing) “opportunities” and companies expecting you to pay them for the right to work-from-home.

That’s not to say there are no legit work-from-home jobs because there are plenty to be found. I’m proof that there is opportunity in the work-from-home space. Working from home has changed my life.

My wife and I run our own business from home and make far more than we ever did at our 9-5 jobs. Plus, we’re not stuck in a fabric prison…err, cubicle.

With that in mind, I want to share some of the best legitimate work-from-home job opportunities available today. Many of these free legitimate work-from-home jobs pay a great salary, especially as you begin to get experience and attract more clients.

If you think these are minimum wage retail jobs, think again. There is opportunity out there – if you’re willing to put in the work.

The Reality of Legit Work-from-Home Jobs


Legitimate online work-from-home jobs are great, but it’s important to have clear expectations and understand what you are signing up for upfront.

Many people think that work-from-home jobs mean you lounge around, work only a few hours per week and live in a lap of luxury. That is simply not the case.

Working online is just like any other full-time job in that you get out of it what you put into it.

If you have the motivation to work hard and think outside the box, you can make a great salary. If you don’t put in that hard work, then reality will force you to look elsewhere to bring in your income.

Work-From-Home Jobs to Avoid


As mentioned, not all work-from-home jobs are created equal. There are several niches you want to avoid, such as:

  • Anything requiring you pay a fee
  • Anything related to an MLM business – those are simply pyramid schemes
  • Anything related to stuffing envelopes or assembling products at home

You might be told that any of the above “jobs” will make you money. They will earn you mere pennies on the dollar, while most of your money goes to a very select few above you.

The best work-from-home jobs aren’t pyramid schemes or something that requires you to buy products. They’re real jobs that allow you to earn a good income doing something you’re skilled at or enjoy – or even both.

The moral of the story is to find legitimate work-from-home jobs with no fees as they’re far more likely to result in a satisfying career that will provide for the needs of you and your family.

It’s also important to realize that making money online from home does take time, in addition to work. Don’t expect to get rich quick as you will be disappointed. But, with time it can grow to a great source of income, which is only limited by your imagination, skill level and willingness to put in effort.

Each situation is different, but it’s best to try and start earning income on the side while still working your day job. Think of it as a part-time job. If you begin to see increasing income, a growing client base and more, that will help ease your transition into working full-time online from home.

What Do You Need to Work from Home?


Depending on the actual job, you may need very little to work from home. If you have an administrative job, (which many of these home-based work jobs are) then you will need very little.

Here are some of the things you will need to work from home:

  • A fast, reliable Internet connection
  • A devoted work environment
  • Self-discipline

You may find that you need additional things, but this will cover many legit work-from-home jobs. The ability to stay disciplined can not be understated. You likely won’t have a boss telling you what to do or when to do it, so self-discipline is an important trait not to be overlooked.

Should I Start My Own Business?


Work-from-home jobs typically come in one of two forms – you either work for another company, or you start your own business. Neither is inherently better than the other, and you can make a good salary regardless of the two.

However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Starting your own business means everything is on you, such as:

  • Client work
  • Training
  • Expenses
  • Schedule

They’re all up to you. You may like that, or you may not. Working for another business from home will provide a more solid framework. You need to choose which is best for you and pursue it.

You also don’t need to start a business right away. Many of the home-based jobs mentioned below allow you to begin by working for a business but could turn into an opportunity to start something on your own in the future.

The key to remember is that you don’t have to start your own business just to work from home, and you may find that you never do – and that’s fine.

Now, here’s our list of the best legitimate work-from-home jobs.

1. Virtual Assistant


Think of a virtual assistant (better known as a VA) as a jack-of-all trades. In short, a VA supports business owners so they can focus on higher level needs that continue to grow their business.

You don’t necessarily need to be technically inclined to be a VA, but it can help in giving you more services to offer. Some of the more common tasks a VA may be responsible for are:

  • Managing email
  • Handling invoicing and bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Editing
  • Newsletter management
  • Social media management

This list just scratches the service. There are many other things a VA may be able to do. It largely depends on your skill set and the needs of your clients.

A VA can be a legitimate work-from-home job for moms looking to schedule their day around school, or simply someone wanting to work from home and being strong with behind the scenes things.

Virtual Assistant

How Much Can You Make as A Virtual Assistant?


Many virtual assistants start in the neighborhood of $15 or $20 per hour. This may vary based on your location, as well as your skill set.

As you gain more experience and grow in particular skill sets, you can easily make $30 per hour or more. On Upwork, for example, the average salary of a VA is $18 – $35 per hour so that should give you an idea of how much you can earn as a VA.

Resources for Virtual Assistants


As with any legitimate work-from-home job, resources are necessary to succeed. First and foremost is knowing where to find good VA jobs. You can find VA jobs in various places, such as:

  • Upwork
  • Word of mouth
  • Online job boards

You don’t need a degree or specific strength to become a VA. You need to have a willingness to work, learn and grow your skill set to make money as a VA.

Such was the case of my friend Kayla, who started working as a VA several years ago and now earns over $10,000 per month as a virtual assistant.

If being a VA is of interest to you, you can sign up for her course (aptly named 10kVA) to help give you the tools to become a successful VA and work from home.

In the course, Kayla shares some insights on how she grew her business and provides actionable steps you can take to get your foot in the door, grow your skill set, raise your rates and so much more.

2. Blogger


My Mom still thinks it’s crazy that I earn my income from blogging. Heck, I’m still baffled at times. I’m obviously partial to blogging as a legit work-from-home job as I’ve been blogging for six years now.

Like any other home-based job, it does take time to make money from blogging. There is also stiff competition in the blogging niche. Reports indicate there are millions, if not hundreds of millions, of blogs today.

You will be fighting to have your voice heard, but blogging is still a great way to work from home – if you put in the time and effort.

What makes blogging such a good work-from-home opportunity is the number of areas you can use your blog to launch into to make money:

  • Public speaking
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Freelance writing
  • Writing a book

These are just a few of the directions you can go with blogging. Just remember, it takes time to make money blogging and can be difficult to turn it into a full-time gig.


How Much Money Can You Make as a Blogger?


Making an income from blogging can be incredibly erratic, especially when you’re first starting out. I went several months where I didn’t make a dime from blogging, but over time it grew to something sustainable. However, it did take a lot of work.

What I love about blogging (and many of these real work-from-home jobs) is the limitless income potential. There are bloggers who make several hundred dollars each month to those who make six figures per month.

Many of the above areas I mentioned allow you to make money from blogging. Find what works for you, where opportunity exists and make a go of it.

Resources for Bloggers


In order to make money blogging, you obviously need to start a blog. If you’re not technically inclined, the best way to do this is with Bluehost.

For $2.95 per month, Bluehost will install your site with one click, give you your domain name free for a year and get you ready to start your blog.

If you’re interested in becoming a blogger, check out our guide on how to start a blog to get some ideas of what’s needed to grow a blog.

Having a website is a necessity to make money blogging. It really doesn’t take much technical know how to start a blog and make money; it just takes effort and a willingness to learn.

At the very least, having a website is a great way to attract clients from a variety of niches as it can serve as a portfolio site, allowing you to display your work and experience.

3. Teach From Home


Do you have a college degree, at least one year of teaching experience and a laptop? You may be able to make money teaching online from home.

Teaching from home is one of the best legit work-from-home jobs for moms as you can work around your schedule. You get to help students around the world teaching English as a second language (ESL), or some other topic in certain cases.

Like many of these home-based jobs, online tutoring does have its scam artists. However, there are plenty of legitimate sites out there that let you make good money as an online tutor.

If you’d rather not deal with online gigs, you can also tutor students in person and still make a good, reliable part-time income.

Teach from home

How Much Can You Make as an Online Teacher?


Depending on your area of expertise, you can make good money as an online teacher. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an online tutor can be roughly $26,000 per year.

Of course, that will vary based on your location, years of experience and field of knowledge. Many of the top online resources will allow you to earn upwards of $20+ per hour as an online tutor.

Resources for Online Teachers


There are many resources out there to get a job as an online tutor. VIPKid is one of the top options, paying $20+ per hour in many cases.

It only requires you to have a computer, a year of teaching experience and a college degree. They also provide lesson plans and other support needs.

Some of the other legitimate online tutoring sites are:

  • Cambly
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Tutor.com

Some sites may require you to get a certification, such as ESL, so don’t be afraid to make that investment.

4. Landlord


Earning an income as a landlord is the one job listed here that requires a significant investment. If you have the know-how, desire and ability though, don’t let this hold you back from pursuing being a landlord.

Being a landlord has two main benefits:

  • It allows you to diversify your investments
  • It’s one of the best passive income ideas, so long as your properties don’t require a lot of work

You don’t even have to own properties in your city. We know people who own properties around the country, and they either have a property management company or friend or family member deal with situations when they arise.

This obviously requires some work and trust but can be a great way to make income from home if you have the ability.


How Much Can You Make as a Landlord?


You can make a significant income as a landlord. It’s not unheard of to make six-figures as a landlord.

However, it does take a lot of work, and it may come with significant downsides – especially if you manage the property on your own. Your income as a landlord largely comes down to health of the property and location. The better those are, the more you can make.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of renters, you can invest in commercial and residential real estate with Fundrise with as little as $500.

Where Can You Find Renters?


Finding renters can be challenging for landlords. If your property is vacant then it’s not earning you money – it’s costing you money.

You must determine if you want long-term renters, or short-term. With long-term, you want to advertise the property in your local area. For short-term rentals, both Airbnb and HomeAway are great options to get renters.

5. Proofreader


Do you have a knack for grammar or have a degree in English? Do you enjoy reading or making things better? Working as a proofreader is one of the top legit work-from-home jobs because you can make a good salary and all you need is a laptop computer.

How can you work as a proofreader? It’s quite simple. Every piece content you read, whether it’s an ad or a newspaper article, needs to be edited. Examples of content that a proofreader edits include:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Books
  • Resumes
  • Transcripts
  • And more!

Like many of these other legitimate work-from-home jobs, you can be a generalist, or you can have an area of expertise – allowing you to charge more. Having an area of expertise allows you diversity and ultimately, earn more money from home.


How Much Can You Make as a Proofreader?


Potential earnings for a proofreader vary based on your location and area of knowledge. Glassdoor reports the average salary for a proofreader is just over $36,000 per year though that’s working full-time.

It’s not uncommon for proofreaders to make at least $20 per hour, if not more. If you build a good client base, this can be a great way to make money from home.

Resources for Proofreaders


You can get proofreading jobs through sites like Upwork. Simple word of mouth can work as well. However, it can take a bit of work to get your foot in the door and make connections that lead to proofreading gigs.

Our friend Caitlin Pile has a free informational course that shares the skills you need to become a top-notch proofreader and where to find clients to help you start your work-from-home job as a proofreader.

6. Work for TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is a unique home-based job. You will work from your home, but the work you perform will be outside your home – in your neighborhood and other parts of your hometown.

If you’re handy, have the free time or simply like helping people around your neighborhood, TaskRabbit is a great way to start your own side business. The possibilities are endless and ultimately depend on the needs in your area, and your skills.

Work for Taskrabbit

How Much Can You Make on TaskRabbit?


Can you really make money doing odd jobs around town? Yes, you can! Like any of these legit work-from-home jobs, your income is limitless.

At least 15 percent of Taskers make at least $6,000 – $7,000 per month, which is a good salary.

As with many other work-from-home jobs, your income with TaskRabbit depends on your availability and skill set.

Resources for Taskers


TaskRabbit pairs jobs and clients with those who have the matching skill set. You want to provide great service and get referrals.

You get the freedom to select the jobs you want and can typically set your rate. By being flexible and skilled, you can develop a consistent stream of income with TaskRabbit.

7. Website Designer


A great web design can do wonders for small and large businesses. If you have web design skills, this is a great job to do from home. In fact, we have numerous friends who work from home as a web designer, and they make great money at it.

Personally speaking, I don’t have the skills or patience to design a website, so I must hire out anything design related. I’m not alone either as many hire out web design jobs.

Learning how to design websites does take some work, and possibly some certifications, but it’s a great way to make a salary if you have the skill and willingness to work.

Website Designer

How Much Can You Make as a Website Designer?


Website design is one of the higher paying legit home-based jobs on our list. Salary.com reports the median salary of web designers is just under $75,000.

Of course, that can vary based on your skill set, experience and location. If you deliver quality designs, that rate can go even higher.

Resources for Web Designers


Like many of the other jobs listed, so much of this job comes down to getting clients. That can be a challenge in the beginning, but there are many resources out there to find clients, such as:

You can also take courses on Udemy to grow your skill set and make more money.

8. Freelance Writer


Freelance writing is one of my favorite work-from-home jobs, and for good reason. My wife started freelance writing on the side nearly a decade ago, and it’s what allowed us to start our business.

Many companies and websites need content. This content can be anything, like:

  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Sales materials
  • Ads
  • Press releases
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media content
  • Speeches

You don’t typically need a special degree to become a freelance writer. You simply need to have experience in a particular area and the ability to write coherently.

If you’re in the right industry, writing can turn into helping clients with strategy, which can often pay more.

Freelance writer

How Much Can You Make as a Freelance Writer?


Time and ability are the main constraints and enablers in making money as a freelance writer. You can make as little as $25 – $50 per blog post for a one-person blog to hundreds, or thousands of dollars from larger companies.

If you continue to build your client base and area of knowledge, it’s not unheard of to make a six-figure salary as a freelance writer.

Resources for Freelance Writers


There are many places to find freelance writing jobs. We work with web designer friends to get writing clients. You can find jobs on Craigslist, and there are dozens of job boards to find writing jobs when you’re starting out, such as:

If you’re new to freelance writing, check out my friend Cat’s course – Get Paid to Write for Blogs to get started. She makes six figures a year from writing and provides great resources to help get you started.

9. Technical Support Representative


Do you have good technical know-how and like helping people? You can work from home as a technical support representative.

In this role, you will work for another business, typically a larger company, from home. You will use your computer and a phone to help clients from all over the world with their technical support needs.

You may need to go through some training on the product/service in question to qualify for this role. Once you have that familiarity, you turn your home workspace into a virtual call center to help people.

Technical Support Representative

How Much Can You Make as a Technical Support Representative?


Rates for technical support reps can vary quite a bit, based on the company and the difficulty of the product you’re helping service. Glassdoor reports the average salary for a technical support rep is just over $35,000 – which is a decent salary.

Like other legitimate online work-from-home jobs, this salary can vary quite a bit. Being available and having advanced technical know-how is a great way to bump up that salary.

Resources for Technical Support Representatives


It’s often larger companies that hire remote technical support representatives. You can check the jobs sections of their websites or browse sites like Indeed.com to find jobs.

You can also broaden your skill set by taking courses on Udemy or enrolling in local, and free courses meant to help people master different technical products.

10. Work on Fiverr


Fiverr seems like an odd choice for a legitimate online work-from-home job, but it can work.

Fiverr works very simply. You offer a service, any kind of service, and charge $5 for it. Here are some sample gigs you can pick up on Fiverr:

  • Writing a jingle
  • Writing a thank you note
  • Designing a landing page

I’ve hired numerous people using Fiverr, and it’s typically a fast way to get a simple job checked off my list. If you’re just wanting to get your feet wet in working from home, Fiverr can be an option to gain some confidence in making money online and seeing if this choice is right for you.


How Much Can You Make on Fiverr?


“How can you make money on Fiverr?” you ask? You may think you’d be working day and night to make a living with Fiverr. Yes, if you were only making $5 a job it would be difficult to earn a sustainable salary.

The real income comes from the add-ons. You see, the $5 is a loss leader in hopes of the client paying more for a more specialized service. Each freelancer I’ve hired through Fiverr offers add-ons that are substantially more than $5.

The cost of the add-ons can vary wildly in price but can be a great way to increase income potential.

Resources for Fiverr


The key to making more money on Fiverr is to be active and get referrals. Those, along with add-ons go a long way in helping grow your business on Fiverr.

The key way to offering more add-ons is getting educated in new things. You can accomplish this by taking a course on Udemy or finding other ways to add specialized skill sets to your online portfolio.

11. Online Reseller


Do you have an eye for a deal? You may not have realized it, but being an online reseller is one of the more unique legitimate work-from-home jobs.

The idea behind an online reseller is fairly simple. You spot a deal at the store, let’s say Target, and you think it’s underpriced.

You buy the item, go home and list it on Amazon – using the Amazon FBA service. You end up selling the item and make a profit on the sale.

Yes, it does sound simple, but it requires you to buy the item and outlay the cash. We would never recommend an online job like this if you have a spending problem or can’t afford to purchase items to flip.

However, if that does not describe you, being an online seller can be a great way to work from home. By using Amazon FBA, Amazon handles shipping, customer service and refunds – you just provide the product.

Online Reseller

How Much Can You Make as an Online Reseller?


As with most other legitimate home-based jobs, the income you can make from operating an Amazon FBA store can vary and depends on the amount of time and work you put into it.

It’s not unheard of to see online resellers make six-figures per year. Of course, it took them time to get to that level.

Resources for Online Resellers


If you have an eye for a deal and like the idea of operating an Amazon FBA store, you want to check out The Selling Family.

They offer a free 7-day course that teaches you everything you need to know about operating a store and the tricks you need to be successful.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs are a great way to earn a salary. Here’s our list of the 11 best home-based work opportunities that let you earn $20+ per hour.

You Can Make Real Money with Legitimate Home-Based Jobs


Work-from-home jobs used to be thought of as impossible years ago. I remember when the niche was made up solely of pyramid schemes or letter stuffing gigs. Nearly each one of those were, and still are scams.

The Internet has blown a lot of that up, making legitimate work-from-home jobs more of a possibility. Yes, there are still scams to be found, but there is a lot of opportunity for the taking.

If you think these legit home-based jobs means you’ll be sitting on the beach and having drinks with little umbrellas…think again.

You can make great money with many of these work-from-home jobs, sometimes even life-changing kind of money, but it takes the same work and time as any “real” job would take in the corporate world.

Working from home can be a great thing. It has changed my life. Just make sure it’s right for you and is not a pursuit of a get rich quick scheme. Otherwise, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you put in the work and find opportunity, it can be a great way to bring balance to your life.


What are some other legit work-from-home jobs you’ve seen be successful? If you run your own business, how do you keep yourself disciplined to be productive? What are some of the craziest work-from-home job opportunities you’ve seen?

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