How to Save Money on Utilities in the Summer: 5 Smart Ways to Reduce Costs

This past winter was one of the coldest and longest winters on record in many parts of the country. Here in Detroit, where I live, we are still in long sleeves but I’m hoping that will change soon! With rising temperatures, many look for ways to save money on utilities in the summer as it can get expensive to run air conditioners and other items.

It’s easy to see increasing power bills and think it’s impossible to do anything to save money around the house. That is simply not the truth. There are many ways to conserve energy this summer and save money in the process.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on utilities in the summer, here are five simple ways to cut costs and keep more money in your pocket.

Invest in LED Lights


LED lights are more expensive than typical light bulbs. However, the cost to upgrade will be worth it in the long run. According to an article in USA Today, “Switching to LED light bulbs can help the typical home save about a $1,000 over a 10-year period.”

That might seem like a long time to wait for savings but every little bit helps, right? Plus, by switching to LED bulbs, you’re also helping the environment.

Think about how often you change your light bulbs. When compared to regular bulbs, LED lights can last for years. They also consume less electricity, helping you save money on electricity. However, with the higher cost of LED bulbs, it might be too expensive to replace all of your current light bulbs at once.

Instead, you can do what we did. We replaced our bulbs with an LED one when the current light bulb went out. By spacing out buying the more expensive light bulbs, it offset the upfront cost.

Amazon is a great place to find LED lights for everywhere around your house to help you reduce utility bills this summer.

Put a Water Bottle in Your Toilet Tank


If you have a high water bill like I do, one way you can reduce that is by putting a plastic bottle in your toilet.

Here’s how it works: fill a plastic bottle with water. Don’t forget to add in a few rocks or pebbles to weigh it down.

Next, put the bottle inside the tank on the back of your toilet. Apparently you can save up to 10 gallons of water per day if you do this! This is an easy way to save on utilities in the summer that requires minimal effort.

Wash Laundry on the Cold Cycle


It’s costly to heat up water. When you’re doing laundry this summer, wash your clothes on the cold cycle. This can help you save money on your water bill and conserve electricity. If you live in an area where you get a lot of sunshine, also consider line drying your clothes.

Speaking of drying, you can also save money by not putting your dishwasher on a heated dry cycle. You can hand dry your dishes in just a few minutes, saving you a few bucks.

Buy a Smart Thermostat to save money on utilities in the summer


There are many smart thermostats on the market these days. One of the most popular ones is the Nest Thermostat.

These smart thermostats allow you to maximize your energy saving abilities. You can program them to raise the temperature when you’re not in the house and lower it when you get home. This is one of the best ways to save money each month and requires little work.

Sometimes your energy company will even give you a credit or a rebate for using one. The rebate can help justify the cost of purchasing the thermostat (and put money back in your pocket).

It's possible to save money on utilities this summer and help pad your budget. Here are five ways to reduce energy to help save the planet and save you a little money this summer.

Check Your Insulation


I know there are parts of our home that need better insulation. Specifically, our attic. It’s much hotter in the finished attic than it is in our downstairs, so we’re going to call in the pros to give us an estimate to fix our insulation problem.

We learned about the problem during our home inspection, and we negotiated a lower price on our house because of it. Still, we need to take the time to get the job done (and stop using a window unit up there)!

If you feel like the temperature in your house is uneven, you might need to call a professional to perform an energy audit to ensure you’re not wasting energy and losing money. There are even simple things you can do like improve potential leaks around your windows and door frames. Doing this can save you money in the long run.

Also, if you want to save even more money this summer, try thinking of other things you can do than just lowering your utility bills. For instance, cancel cable and spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine.

There are many things to besides watch TV and summer is a perfect time to take advantage of those opportunities. You can also start using a budget to identify potential money leaks, start making more food at home (or outside on your grill), and take a staycation instead of a vacation.

With a little creativity you’ll realize that finding ways to save money on utilities in the summer is only the tip of the money-saving iceberg.


What are some other ways to save money on utilities in the summer?  Do you have some go-to ways to save energy in the summer? What temperature do you set your air conditioner to in the summer?

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