144 | Simpleliving

Joshua & Ryan answer an assortment of difficult questions about simple living, including:

How do you define simple living?

How do I incorporate simple eating practices into my simple living practices?

How do I maintain my minimalist lifestyle with a non-minimalist roommate?

What one thing can I do immediately that will have the most significant impact on my adoption of a minimalist lifestyle?

How do I find a balance between “living my present” and “worrying about my future”?

How do I break my strong attachment to my stuff?

How do I maintain my minimalist lifestyle among those in my social circle obsessed with material goods and money?

How do I reduce my family’s entertainment expenses while still keeping my children happy?

How do I make my home cozy without “unnecessary” things?

How do I craft a simple life with the little personal time I have as a constantly hustling freelance entrepreneur?

What are your thoughts on the tiny house movement?

How do I make simple living fun for my family?

How do I become a minimalist as a teenager?

What cultures offer exemplary examples of simple living?

How do I maintain simple living practices without the fear of missing out?

Will living a simple life lead to living a bland life?

How do I slow down to enjoy life when everyone around me is so busy?

How do I live a simple life while balancing my responsibilities related to work, school, and family?

How can I make housecleaning a simpler process?

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