154 | Minimal

Joshua & Ryan answer a bunch of questions about minimalism, including:

Which revenue stream should I focus my energy on to ensure my company is profitable? (1:51)

What project are you focused on to complete within the next year? (7:52)

Should I spend more money for an apartment with an extra room for a home office? (11:58)

How does having a child change one’s minimalist practices? (19:28)

How do I find happiness when I’m stressed? (26:11)

What can I do to minimize more quickly? (35:21)

How do you consistently deliver practical and valuable advice? (41:26)

How do I learn to push through discomfort? (46:14)

Why do you do what you do? (53:08)

How do I create a company while remaining true to my minimalist values? (1:02:08)

How do I stay true to my minimalist values through a significant financial windfall? (1:08:22)

Do minimalist practices remain consistent throughout the world? (1:11:28)

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