How to Make Money Donating Plasma: Make $400 Per Month!

Maybe you’ve heard that people make extra money on the side donating plasma but are concerned that it’s not legit. Although you can’t make money donating blood, you can make money donating plasma. In fact, in many cases, you can make several hundred dollars each month donating your blood plasma.

This post covers where you can donate plasma, how much money you can make donating plasma, and how to maximize your efforts.

How to make money donating plasma


Donating plasma sounds difficult. But as long as you don’t mind needles, donating plasma for money isn’t that hard. All you need to do is go to a plasma donation center.

You can find the one nearest you by doing a simple Internet search. Enter “where can I donate plasma near me?” into a search engine and you will find plasma donation centers in your city. Plasma donation centers are typically found in larger cities as well as college towns.

Donating plasma for money isn’t glamorous, but in a pinch, it can be a good way to bring in some additional income.

What is plasma?


What is plasma? Simply put, plasma is a clear and straw-colored liquid portion of your blood, according to WebMD. Plasma is what remains after the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other cellular components are removed. Plasma contains water, salts, enzymes, antibodies, and other proteins.

Once removed, your plasma is used to create products to help individuals with blood clotting disorders and other diseases. The process to donate plasma is a bit more involved than giving blood, which is why most donation centers pay for your donation.

There are no long-term effects from donating plasma. You may feel a little dehydrated right after but if you drink fluids and have a snack after donating, you will be fine. Beyond that, there are no long-term effects of donating plasma and it is perfectly safe.

Who is eligible to donate plasma?


Before you can make money donating plasma, you have to make sure you’re eligible. Below are the standard requirements to donate plasma:

  • You are at least 18 years old, and no older than 69
  • You must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • You must be free of certain infectious diseases
  • You must have adequate blood and hemoglobin levels
  • You must have a legal government ID or Social Security card to prove you’re a citizen

Your state may have different requirements, including not having visited certain countries within a specified time period.

That said, you have to be a healthy adult to donate plasma for money. It doesn’t just stop there. Because you go through the screening process every time you donate plasma, you have to be careful with what you eat, drink, or even do beforehand.

For example, drinking ice-cold water may lower your internal temperature, which can make you ineligible that day. Or, if your iron tests a little low before donating, the center has the right to turn you away.

There will never be a guarantee that you’ll be eligible to donate every time you go into the center. Keep that in mind even if you meet all of the other requirements.

How long does the process take?


Donating plasma is more involved than giving blood. While donating blood is a relatively short process, donating plasma takes anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. That time can be extended if the center is full, low on technicians or machines, or if it’s your first time visiting.

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Many people who make money donating plasma in their free time recommend bringing a good book or magazine or having some shows or a movie downloaded on a mobile device. Many centers also show movies in the donation rooms, but don’t depend on that if it’s your first time at the center.

You can even use the time donating to work on your side hustles. This can be a good time to use paid survey sites or other tasks you can easily do from your phone.

The wait time isn’t always ideal, so make sure to use the time to your advantage. Depending on the donation center, and your specific situation, you can expect to be able to donate two to three times per week.

What are the benefits of donating plasma?


The number one benefit to donating plasma is knowing that you’re helping someone who needs it. Even with all of the people who make money donating plasma, and with an increase in centers opening, there is still a shortage of plasma, according to the Red Cross.

By donating, you are increasing the chance of someone’s life being saved. That’s something to feel really good about. Helping someone in need isn’t the only benefit of donating plasma. Below are a few more benefits of donating plasma:

  • You can donate plasma for free
  • Flexible donation times
  • You can make money, often weekly
  • It takes less than two hours
  • You can work on other side hustles while donating
  • It encourages you to pursue other healthy habits

For most, donating plasma for money is an easy and flexible way to make extra money. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on a side hustle, or don’t want to invest money to start a new business, this could be a great way to supplement your income.

What are the cons of donating plasma?


Although there are many benefits to donating plasma, there are also a few negatives. It’s important to take these into consideration before you think about trying to make money donating plasma.

A big negative is that you can be turned away at any point. The center you go to doesn’t have to pay you, even if you’ve spent time filling out the questionnaires and medical forms. The paperwork doesn’t take long, often under ten minutes, but should still be a consideration.

Another con to donating plasma is finding the time. For people who want to donate more than once a week, you may need to find five to six hours per week to donate.

How to Find A Plasma Donation Center


Plasma donation centers are self-managed, often through a larger company or chain of donation centers. You can find plasma donation centers by asking friends where they go, or doing an online search with the term “where can I donate plasma near me for money?”

If you find a donation center online, make sure to read reviews. This helps you know what to expect or if you should choose a different center.

Below are some popular donation plasma centers that have locations all over the country:

  • CSL Plasma
  • BPL Plasma
  • Grifols
  • Octapharma Plasma

You may not have one of the above centers where you live. If you still want to donate plasma but need to use a local donation center, make sure to thoroughly read the reviews prior to going to the office.

How much can you make donating plasma?


Negatives aside, you can make a decent amount if you choose to donate plasma for money. You may ask yourself “how much do you make donating plasma?” and wonder if it’s a good way to make extra money on the side.

Keep in mind that amounts may vary depending on where you live. However, in most cases you can expect to make at least $30 to $40 each time you donate plasma. In many cities, you may even be able to make $50 per donation.

Many donation centers also give bonuses if you donate a certain number of times during the month. Just be aware that most centers will require you to wait at least 48 hours between donation times. If you donate multiple times per week, you can expect to make up to $400 per month donating plasma.

Donating plasma for money can be a great way to help meet financial goals, such as:

  • Paying off debt
  • Growing your emergency fund
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle

There is a limit on what you can earn donating plasma, but it can still be a good way to make extra money when in need.

How will the donation center pay me?

Payment varies with each donation center. Donation centers often pay in one of the below methods:

  • Cash
  • Prepaid Visa cash card
  • Gift cards

You will find the top two options are most common. Cash is easy to work with for payment. If you choose a prepaid Visa cash card, know that it works like a debit card and you can use it to withdraw cash as well. Just make sure you know if it has any fees.

Want to make money donating plasma but think you can't? We share how much you can make donating plasma and where you can go to make money.

Useful Tips to Become A Plasma Donor


If you want to make money donating plasma, you may want to follow a few tips to ensure success. These are not requirements, but rather ways to ensure you won’t be turned away.

Here are some helpful tips to successfully donate plasma:

  • Have a government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of residency, such as a bank statement or utility bill
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Drink plenty of liquids prior to donation
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption 48-72 hours prior to donation

Follow the above tips and you should be able to make money donating plasma without issue. You also want to ensure you have no recent tattoos or piercings, avoided travel to certain countries, and don’t carry certain transmittable diseases as any of those may keep you from donating plasma.

Bottom Line


If donating plasma is something you’re interested in, make sure you are aware of the pros and cons, and requirements, before you do donate. You don’t want to take a trip to the donation center only to find you’re ineligible.

I think it’s great that more people are choosing to donate plasma. Donating plasma can be an easy and flexible way to earn extra money while also saving lives. It’s fine if you want to do it just for the money, but the side effect of helping save a life is definitely worth it, too.


Do you make money donating plasma, and if so how much do you make? What is the oddest thing you’ve done to make money on the side? What do you look for in a side hustle?

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