13 Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff Online and Locally

Tidying up your home has become increasingly popular, thanks to the popular organizing expert Marie Kondo. An overlooked benefit of the decluttering craze is the ability to sell your stuff online or locally to earn extra cash. If you’ve ever tried to sell items locally, you know how many people like to buy items on the cheap.

You can have a garage sale or use Craigslist to sell items locally. Unfortunately, those may limit your ability to sell your unwanted stuff. However, there are apps you can use to maximize your opportunities and sell your stuff online for free or minimal cost.

If you want to sell stuff online for cash, this post shares the best apps to use to sell your items and declutter at the same time.

Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff Online and Locally


You can sell virtually anything online or locally. Here are a few of the items you can sell online for cash:

  • Books
  • Cars
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • A room in your house

Below are the 13 best apps to sell your stuff online or even locally.

1. Decluttr


Decluttr is one of the best apps to sell stuff online. The Decluttr app makes selling your unwanted items simple.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Decluttr site and input the bar code of the item you want to sell
  • Accept the offer and put the item in a box with their pre-paid shipping label
  • Ship the item

The day after Decluttr receives your item they pay you via check, direct deposit, or PayPal. You can even use their app instead of accessing their site via desktop.

Declutter buys a lot of different items, such as:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Lego©
  • Textbooks
  • Gaming systems
  • Smartphones
  • Kindles
  • Apple products

You will likely receive less money selling from Decluttr than you will by selling directly to a buyer. They buy your items and resells them on their site. However, you benefit from the safety of dealing with a company rather than an individual.

2. Gazelle


Gazelle is a site that’s similar to Decluttr. The key difference is they focus largely on used electronics. You can sell the following items for cash to Gazelle:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple phones and tablets
  • Apple TVs
  • Blackberry phones
  • Computers and laptops, including Apple products

Gazelle provides an instant quote through their website. Once you’ve accepted their valuation of the item, you box it up and send it to them. After they process your item, you receive your money via check, an Amazon gift card, or through PayPal.

Shipping is free as long as your item is worth $1.

Gazelle also has kiosks around the U.S. that you can use to get instant cash for your electronics. The money received from the kiosk may be lower than what you would have received had you mailed in your devices.

Gazelle also offers a rewards program for frequent users. Every item you sell to them will earn points — one point for every dollar your device is worth. You can then redeem the points to add additional value on the next device you sell.

3. Bookscouter


Do you have books or textbooks you no longer need? Instead of letting them collect dust, you can use BookScouter to sell them online for cash.

Here is how you sell your books on BookScouter:

  • Visit their website and provide the ISBN of each book you want to sell
  • Review and accept the offer
  • Ship the book(s) to them

After the BookScouter vendor receives your items, they review it to ensure it’s in good condition. This process takes one business day, and upon completion they pay you via PayPal or check. Shipping books to BookScouter is generally free, but make sure to read the vendor’s conditions before sending the item.

4. Airbnb


Ok, so you don’t technically sell your house on Airbnb. However, if you have a spare room or a second property, you can use the Airbnb platform to list the property and make money on the side.

It’s relatively simple to become an Airbnb host. You need to confirm with your city and homeowner’s association that they allow for short-term rentals. If they do, you can list your property on Airbnb.

It’s free to list your property on Airbnb, though they do take three percent of your income. You can include this in the cost of your listing to help offset the cost. The Airbnb site has a calculator that gives you an estimate of potential earnings based on your location and type of room you’re offering.

The average Airbnb host makes over $900 per month listing their property. Check out our guide on how to make money with Airbnb to learn about host requirements and how to maximize earnings.

5. OfferUp


If you have items that are too bulky or big to sell online, try using OfferUp. The OfferUp site is similar to Craigslist, so you’re on your own to sell items. Also like Craigslist, you can list and sell items for free. The number of listings varies by location, but they provide another way to sell your stuff online or locally.

You can sell virtually anything on OfferUp, including:

  • Antiques
  • Appliances
  • Auto parts
  • Cars
  • Beauty and health
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cell phones
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Games and toys

The website says you can have your items listed in under 30 seconds. So if you have multiple items you want to sell, you won’t be wasting time trying to list them on the site. That’s a win when you have so many things to sell.

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OfferUp even has a “ships for” offer if you choose to sell your items to someone who isn’t local.

6. LetGo


Letgo is a popular alternative to Craigslist that lets you sell stuff online for cash. The Letgo app works a bit differently in that you can only use the app to sell items. You take a picture of the item you want to sell and post it to their app.

Buyers, on the other hand, can use the app or their website to buy items.

Like Craigslist, you can list and sell items for free. These are a few of the categories you can find on Letgo:

  • Auto parts
  • Baby gear
  • Books, movies, and music
  • Cars
  • Free stuff
  • Home and garden

Letgo only allows you to sell items locally, and do not currently offer a shipping option like OfferUp. If you want to sell your stuff locally online for free, Letgo is a solid option to consider.

7. eBay


EBay is a true pioneer in the resell space. You can find anything on eBay, including boats and hard-to-find antiques. If you don’t have any luck selling your stuff online through other websites, you’ll want to consider trying eBay.

As a reseller, my husband regularly sells on eBay since you can list items for free. The cons are that you have to pay for shipping (even if you don’t charge enough from the customer), and you can only be paid via PayPal. That means that someone can get their money back a lot easier than with other options.

Once, my husband sent an item in perfect condition to a buyer and they opened a case against him. PayPal immediately refunded them their money, and he had to fight with eBay and PayPal to get it back. It was a long three-month process but was worth it for him because the item was valued over $500.

While these cases rarely happen, it is something to be mindful of if you decide to use eBay. They can’t control someone who wants to scam people, so make sure you do your due diligence. Keep track of all receipts and interactions with buyers.

8. Facebook Marketplace


Another option to sell your stuff locally is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook is the largest social media platform, and their Marketplace feature gives you instant access to people in your area. You can get to the Marketplace by clicking on the “Buy and Sell Groups” in the Explore menu on the site.

You must be a part of the group before you can list items for sale. Make sure to read the rules of the group prior to listing, as some groups may not allow you to sell certain items. This is important to know; you don’t want to be banned or removed.

The perk of using Facebook Marketplace is that once you’ve added your item for sale, you can share it on your timeline. This lets friends know you have an item for sale, and someone you know may purchase it.

Isn’t it nice to sell things to people you know and trust?

9. Bonanza


Bonanza’s tagline is “Everything but the ordinary.” You can sell virtually anything on the site, including antiques, art, or collectibles.

The Bonanza site was named one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016, and for good reason. While you can sell used items, you can also sell items that are still in their packaging.

For instance, if you bought a collection of books that you never touched, you may earn more money back by selling them on Bonanza.

10. 5Miles


5miles is another local marketplace with a simple mission: to let you sell items within five miles of your location. The 5Miles platform loves supporting small businesses. So while 5miles is a great website to sell your used items, it’s also a great website for those looking to sell their services or products from their businesses.

You can list items for free on 5Miles and sell in various categories, including:

  • Auto parts
  • Baby gear
  • Cars
  • Clothes
  • Collectibles
  • Electronics and computers
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Services

5miles also has the option to put items on “bid” and then ship those items to the winner of the bid. Although you have to apply as a vendor for bidding opportunities, and although they’re only accepting a few applications, you might want to consider this for your items that aren’t selling quickly.

11. Amazon Marketplace


Amazon Marketplace works just like Facebook Marketplace. But instead of only selling locally, you can sell them to anyone. You simply list your item, sell your stuff online, ship the item to your customer, and get paid as you would via eBay.

I’ve used Amazon Marketplace in the past, and it’s a great option if you’re selling higher-ticket items like electronics or expensive textbooks. I once received $200 from a used textbook.

The best thing about Amazon Marketplace is that you get your money fast, and you don’t have to deal with PayPal. You can have your payment directly deposited in your account as soon as it’s received. No more waiting around for money to transfer or waiting for a check to arrive.

The downside is you have to pay listing fees and shipping.

With over 150 million monthly visitors, your items can sell more quickly than you realize. I’ve been able to sell most of my items in a week or less, although times will vary. But if you take decent quality photos, write a detailed description, and have an item that people want, you’re in luck.

12. Poshmark


Do you have a lot of clothes you’re looking to get rid of? Try Poshmark. From trendy and cute items to vintage pieces, sellers can sell just about anything clothing-related on the website. You can also sell belts, purses, and other accessories.

With Poshmark, the buyer pays for shipping. So when selling your items, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or any extra fees. The only fee you pay for is Poshmark’s. It’s a $2.95 fee for items under $15 dollars or 20 percent on items $15 or more.

Once your item is purchased, you print off the shipping label that Poshmark provides and send your item via USPS to its new home. The money is automatically added to your Poshmark account and you can cash out as soon as it’s made available, generally three days after the item has been delivered.

13. Trove Market


The final app to sell your stuff online is Trove Market. Trove Market lets you sell unused and vintage furniture locally. If you have used furniture that looks good and has life left in it, Trove Market is a great option to make money.

The Trove Market service is not in all areas, but is in many larger metro areas. These are the current cities where Trove is available:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington D.C.

The one drawback is Trove charges a selling fee for items, currently ten percent of the amount you sell.

Tips to Sell Items Online for Cash


It’s not that difficult to sell stuff online for cash, but you will want to follow a few simple tips to have success.

Include Pictures

Quality pictures are key to selling, especially if you want to sell items locally. Take a good quality pictures and include them in your listing.

Take First Come, First Served

Like it or not, people are flaky. Potential buyers may ask you to hold something and then not show up. If someone wants the item enough, they will show up in a timely manner and have cash.

Know the Requirements

This is particularly important if you sell items online for cash. Each site has different terms and conditions. Know what they expect prior to selling or sending in your items.

Go With Your Gut

If something feels off, go with your gut. There are far too many scam artists attempting to take advantage of people trying to sell their items.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Negotiation is a given when it comes to selling items online or locally. Know the minimum amount you will accept and stop there. It’s far better to sell your item for 90 percent of your asking price than to not sell it at all.

Be Safe

Safety is vital, particularly when you sell stuff locally for cash. Meet in public places, and never do it alone if you can help it.

Want to sell your stuff online and get rid of your junk? Here are the 13 best apps to sell stuff locally for cash and declutter your house at the same time.Bottom Line


The internet makes it easy to sell your stuff online for cash. You don’t have to be filled with dread whenever you see clutter, and you don’t have to hold on to things that you don’t find value in anymore.

Let someone else love your gently-used, antique, or unwanted items. With the websites and places listed above, you’ll be clutter-free and a little richer in no time.


What sites do you use to sell stuff online for cash? How often do you declutter your house? What do you do with money you make from selling used items?

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