Free Makeup Samples: 15 Places to Get Free Beauty Products

Overspending isn’t always tied to frivolous or big ticket items. Other, everyday items can also lead to financial problems. For example, as a woman, it’s easy to spend too much on cosmetics. The average woman spends up to $300,000 on beauty products over their lifetime, according to a study from the SkinStore. That seems like a lot and I don’t know about you, but I would rather use that money for other, long-term needs. However, you can get free makeup samples by mail to reduce that cost.

Makeup is expensive, and even drugstore brands and products add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, there are ways to get free beauty product samples to save money on a regular basis.

Places to Get Free Makeup Samples By Mail


Do you want to save money on cosmetics? There are a number of ways to receive free beauty samples, as well as deeply discounted makeup.

Most options do require you to sign up for a loyalty program. You may not want to use your main email, so you might want to set up a different account just for these offers.

Below are the top 15 places to get free makeup samples by mail.

1. Target


Did you know that you can receive free samples from Target? The biggest way to get free makeup samples is to order the beauty box that they offer every month.

You do have to spend $5-$7 to receive the box. However, shipping is free and you typically receive $25-$40 worth of products in every box from Target.

Plus, as someone who purchases the monthly beauty box, you also get to try new and revamped products before others do. And the samples are generous. No “one-use” samples from this beauty box.

These samples are typically deluxe samples, meaning they’ll last you multiple uses, which is enough to decide whether you like a product or not. They even have a men’s box if your significant other wants to try products as well.

2. Walmart


Walmart also has their version of a beauty box, and you only have to pay for shipping. Unlike Target, Walmart releases their beauty boxes four times a year and while you don’t pay for the bag, you do pay a $5 shipping and handling fee.

Walmart doesn’t have a specific worth on their products, but they do offer different types of boxes. They have women’s beauty and makeup boxes plus men’s grooming boxes.

This is one of the best ways to receive free Walmart samples and save money.

3. Sephora


There are several ways to get free makeup samples by mail from Sephora. My favorite, and the easiest way is to sign up and become a beauty insider.

It’s free, and by signing up you receive a free birthday gift every single year, without purchasing anything.

You can also get a free makeup sample just by asking. Now, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t abuse this and constantly ask for free samples whenever in the store.

But if you’re not sure a makeup product will work for you, it’s better to try a sample first and then purchase it. You can also do this with hair and beauty products.

Another way to get free cosmetics samples is while purchasing products. If you shop from Sephora, don’t forget that you can receive two free samples with your purchase, whether in-store or online.

4. L’Oreal


The best way to get free beauty samples from L’Oreal is to sign up for their Worth It Rewards program. While the welcome varies, you’ll typically receive a few samples, although some people have reported receiving an entire welcome box.

By being part of their program, you’ll have the opportunity to receive free samples of new products that L’Oreal releases so be sure to watch your email and mailbox for those.

5. Smashbox


Smashbox will give you a free makeup product for your birthday every year. And while they don’t really offer free makeup beyond that, they do offer free samples with each purchase.

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Smashbox also offers gift cards for free products once you’ve spent a certain amount during the year. At the very least, don’t miss out on another free gift.

6. Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder has a whole sample section on their website that you can use to order samples that you want to try. In addition, you can also receive free cosmetics samples by visiting their booth in certain stores and asking a sales associate for a sample or two.

Just like with Sephora, refrain from abusing this and asking for tons of samples. However, due to the price point of the products, occasionally asking for one or two samples isn’t a terrible idea.

7. Clinique


Besides getting free makeup samples of Clinique from stores like Sephora or Ulta, you can also get samples with each order. The amount doesn’t matter; you still get a free sample.

If you live near a store with a Clinique booth, you can also get samples from the sales associate, as well as receive a free and customized skin analysis so you can choose the right products for yourself.

8. Aveda


Aveda is a very giving company. They have one of the most generous sample policies. Not only can you receive samples by going to their website, but you’ll also receive samples with each purchase, samples for signing up, and samples when new products are launched (if you grab them in time).

Don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter. Aveda gives you a free welcome gift after signing up and making your first purchase.

9. MAC Cosmetics


You’ll have to sign up for the MAC Cosmetics loyalty club, but in doing so, you are signing up to periodically receive free samples. Also, while MAC Cosmetics doesn’t really offer free samples, they do give you money off your purchases, and one sample with each order.

MAC Cosmetics also has their “Back To MAC” program. For every six empty product containers that you return, they’ll give you a free and full-sized lipstick. If you wear quite a bit of makeup, this is a great deal.

10. Nordstrom


Not only can you get free makeup samples from Nordstrom, but you can receive free beauty services as well. From a complimentary makeover to a skincare consultation, you can get about any service for free in Nordstrom.

Also, these services allow you to try different makeup samples before you buy so you can make sure that you like them. And if you think you love them but aren’t ready to buy?

Ask the sales associate to package a sample for you to continue using at home..

11. Free Mania


Want free samples delivered right to your door? Sign up for Free Mania. From makeup to pet supplies, they offer new free samples every day for you to try. They do this by monitoring thousands of stores and brands, and letting you know when these places have free samples available.

All you need to do is sign up based on the information they give you. You’ll typically receive the samples in a few weeks. Just remember that samples are claimed super quick, so if you really want something, don’t wait to ask for it.

12. Hunt4Freebies


Hunt4Freebies is another site that posts about free beauty samples by mail and product opportunities to try. While they don’t post about makeup often, they do have quite a few posts in the beauty department.

They offer 24-hour freebie updates, so you’ll never run out of sample options if you follow their website and social media channels.

13. BzzAgent


If you like survey and feedback sites and want to receive free makeup samples, BzzAgent is the perfect platform to use. BzzAgent has over one million happy members around the world, according to their site.

They use their platform to share brands across social media and by word-of-mouth. This means the people that use them get free products, and the companies that work with them get marketing for half the cost.

Here’s how it works. First, you’ll sign up for a free account on BzzAgent. Then, you choose which samples you want to try. If you’re wanting free makeup samples, make sure you check back frequently and see what you can receive.

From there, you’ll test the products and then fill out a questionnaire with your feedback. Even after you review the product, you still get to keep it for free. It’s really that simple.

14. Swaggable


Swaggable is another website like BzzAgent that offers you new products for free in exchange for your review. Once you’ve signed up, you choose your interests and then wait for Swaggable to match you with the companies that you want to work with.

Whenever a sample fits your profile and interests, Swaggable will invite you to grab the product, send it to you, and let you test it out. You’ll typically receive your samples within a week or two.

Once you’re done testing, you provide your feedback and also share whether you liked it or not via social media.

15. Follow Your Favorite Brands on Social Media


Of course, you could always sign up for your favorite brand’s email list or follow them on social media. Typically, the brands will talk about free samples with their email list or social media following first, before releasing it out to the public.

That means that you don’t have to worry about all of the free samples being gone before you get the chance to sign up. You’ll get first dibs by being part of the brand’s community.

Also, by following brands, you get the chance to ask for free products or samples. Some brands are so generous that they’ll send you coupons in the mail for free full-sized products. Others may send you a few samples to try or a goody bag.

No matter what though, it never hurts to ask.

Do you Want to get free makeup samples by mail? Here are the 15 best places to get free beauty samples and save money on your cosmetics needs.

Free Beauty Samples: Bottom Line


While makeup can get expensive, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to find products and brands that you like and that work for you.

By testing out new products and signing up for a few freebie websites, you’ll be able to stockpile various items that you can test whenever you feel like it.

And the best part? You won’t be spending a ton of money to try them out.


How much do you spend on makeup each year? What are some other ways you receive free makeup samples by mail? What’s another cost you’d like to reduce in your budget?

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