How to Get Free Internet Service at Home

These days, internet service is more vital than having cable TV at home. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to search the web, work from their laptop, pay bills, or stream videos and play online games. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get free internet service at home and take advantage of those possibilities.

At an average cost of over $60 per month on internet service according to USA Today, that represents significant savings. Yes, you can legally receive free Wi-Fi at home without paying a dime. You may need to meet qualifications for free service, but cheap internet service is also a possibility depending on your situation.

If you want to lower your internet bill, our guide shares a few of the top options to get cheap or free internet service at home.

Ways to Get Free Internet Service at Home


Do you want to know how to get free wireless internet service? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Here are the top choices to get free internet service at home.

1. FreedomPop


FreedomPop is a low-cost mobile service provider. They also provide complimentary internet service. The provider does this by providing you a small wireless router to use to access the internet from anywhere in your home.

The company relies on cell towers from big companies like Sprint to provide cell service. This plan is a no-contract option for $19.99 per month. This includes unlimited talk, text, and two GB of data.

FreedomPop sells affordable mobile hotspot devices so you can secure internet access. If you want free internet service, FreedomPop offers 500 MB of free service in their base plan.

This basic plan doesn’t cost anything, but you can pay extra for more bandwidth. Their most expensive plan is still under $40.

All hot spots come with a 90-day warranty and a 14-day return policy. There are no contracts so you can cancel at any time. Plus, you can connect up to ten different devices for Wi-Fi.

2. NetZero


You’ve probably heard of the name NetZero before. It’s a pioneer company in the internet provider industry dating back to the late 90s. Today, they’re known for providing high-quality low-cost internet services.

Customers can choose from their DSL Broadband, Dial-Up, and Mobile Broadband internet services. You can receive 200 MB per month for free.

If you need more monthly data, they have other packages that go up to $79.95 per month for eight GB of data.

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You will need to purchase a NetZero mobile broadband device for the basic free internet service if you don’t have one already. You can bring your own device but if you have to buy one it will cost you $59.95. However, it’s only a one-time cost.

It’s important to note that NetZero’s free plan requires a landline. If you don’t have a landline, you must have a paid plan. Also, all paid plans come with an additional $3.95 per month access fee.

To give you an idea of what you can do with 200 MB of data, you can:

  • Send or receive around 1,000 emails (with no attachments)
  • Send and receive 150 emails with attachments
  • View an average of 400 web pages
  • Put 50 photos on social media sites per month

That’s not bad too bad for free internet service!

3. Wi-Fi Free Spot


Wi-Fi Free Spot is a cool site that serves as a directory featuring a list of locations that offer free Wi-Fi across the U.S., Europe, and other countries.

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This is the perfect site to use when you’re traveling and searching for free Wi-Fi, plus you can use it  to find free Wi-Fi at home. Just click on your state to find nearby locations that offer free Wi-Fi.

You can also use the search term ‘find free Wi-Fi near me’ on the internet, but this site does all the work for you.

4. Juno


Remember Juno? Yes, Juno is still a thing, and still provides affordable broadband dial-up internet service. With Juno, you receive an email address with spam and virus protection, free live technical support, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee so you can try the service.

Customers do need to purchase a wireless modem for $62. Plans start at $15.95 per month and this includes two MB of email storage. The first month is free and plans go up to $21 per month.

If you don’t require a paid plan, Juno offers free internet service of ten hours per month. This won’t work for an active user but is a legitimate option for those who need basic service.

When you think of dial-up internet, you may picture a slow connection speed and visiting web pages that take forever to load. On the contrary, Juno offer dial-up speeds up to 56 Kbps which is the fastest dial-up connection available.



EveryoneOn is a non-profit organization that creates social and economic opportunity by connecting more people to the internet. This is great for low-income families who need free Wi-Fi at home but can’t afford the cost.

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So far, the organization has helped connect 700,000 people to the internet across 48 states and their goal is to reach one million people by 2020, according to their site.

One of their biggest campaigns, The Digital Divide, explores digital inclusion. EveryoneOn uses research to discover how the lack of having access to the internet creates a divide that impacts both the public and private sectors across the U.S.

EveryoneOn has an offer locator tool to help people learn about internet offers, device offers, and digital literacy training opportunities in their community.

They also have network partners that serve under-resourced people by providing free and affordable internet and device services.

6. Cheap Internet


Cheap Internet is another resource that helps users find free wireless internet at home. This site is a one-stop location for low-income internet and free internet options.

This site highlights some of the best programs that provide government-sponsored or low-income internet options. All of these programs are accessible for less than $10 per month.

You can also find non-income-based low-cost internet services on this site as well as other sites and tools that can help you get free internet legally.

7. All Free ISP


All Free ISP serves as a database to help you find free internet service providers in your area. This site keeps track of free internet service provider (ISP) local dial-up access numbers so you can find free internet service providers for your home.

Simply choose your state and zip code to begin your search. You can also search for a free ISP in Canada. All Free ISP will rate different providers and give you a contact number.

The site explains that most providers offer free service to display ads as you connect. If this doesn’t bother you, it’s worth considering to be able to access the internet for free.

You can also compare budget-friendly DSL internet service providers if you’re willing to pay a low amount for internet or if you can’t find an ISP in your area.

8. Local Libraries and Coffee Shops


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a way to get free internet service at home, but it’s close. Every time I’m trying to find free Wi-Fi near me, I always opt to go to a coffee shop or head to my local library.

Most small-town coffee shops have a home-like atmosphere and they offer free Wi-Fi along with plenty of amenities to encourage you to stay awhile and relax. If you live near a Starbucks, they always offer free high-speed internet and you can stay for as long as you like.

My husband and I always love going to the library for free Wi-Fi as well because it’s quiet and our local library offers free coffee each day.

It’s also a wonderful place to bring my son so he can read while I catch up on emails or do some work.

Whenever there’s an internet outage at my house, I know I can head to the library for free, reliable Wi-Fi.

Want to get free internet service at home and think it’s impossible? Here are 8 providers that offer cheap or free Wi-Fi at home so you can surf the net.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Bottom Line


As you can see, free internet service is available if you’re willing to look. You can even ask local ISPs if they have any unadvertised deals where they offer free internet service as a part of a bundled deal.

Imagine what you could do with the extra money if you’re able to reduce or eliminate your monthly internet bill.

These sites are a fantastic option even if you’re looking to cut your internet bill. Even though you may need to invest in a modem, it’s something that you can keep long-term which makes it worth it if you’re getting free or low-cost internet.

While some services provide limited internet access, you can monitor your time online and take advantage of places that offer free Wi-Fi in your local area.


What are some other options to receive free Wi-Fi at home? How much do you spend on internet service at home? Are you able to get internet without cable and still save money?

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