11 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs for Quick Cash

Have a big DVD collection you no longer use? We used to buy DVDs all the time. Now, many of our movies sit on the shelf collecting dust. Finding a place to sell used DVDs can free up some space in your home. There are plenty of places that will buy your old movies and you can even sell used DVDs online.

When you sell used DVDs, seek out different quotes to find out which place or website will give the best offer. Some places may not offer much depending on what they need and the age of the movie.

Still, if you have an extensive collection to sell, the money you can earn will add up and it’s better than receiving nothing and holding on to clutter.

Best Places to Sell Used DVDs Online


Movies are great to own, but with the growth of streaming it’s no longer necessary to own a lot of movies. If you have a collection of movies to unload, below are the best places to sell used DVDs.

1. Decluttr


Decluttr will buy your used CDs and Blu-Rays. Those aren’t the only items you can sell to Decluttr. The platform also buys the following items:

  • Books
  • Legos
  • Used phones
  • Video games and consoles

After deciding which items to sell you ship them to Decluttr. Boxes can’t weigh more than six pounds; they will reject boxes containing too many items.

If the box exceeds the limit, simply use an additional box, and print another label from the order history section of the website.

Decluttr doesn’t take pirated, fake, or non-original discs, they take this matter very seriously and might take further action if necessary. Also, keep in mind that it’s impossible to cancel an order once it is submitted and on its way to Decluttr.

Shipping DVDs is free and depending on the number of discs either UPS or USPS will ship the order. You can choose payment via check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

2. SecondSpin


SecondSpin is another excellent option to sell used DVDs online. Unlike some of the other options on this list, SecondSpin primarily focuses on reselling movies, though they do sell music as well.

SecondSpin will buy most Blu Ray and regular DVDs, and they require sellers to post all items through their website Once an order enters the system the seller receives an estimate and packing list.

Make sure to put the packing list in with the shipment to help speed up order processing. The sellers will have to pay for the shipping. If the seller lives in the United States, it’s just $3.99 for standard shipping.

This rate is for up to 40 items; orders containing more than 40 items will require an additional order.

If SecondSpin receives an item that wasn’t originally on the list, they contact the seller and ask if they want it shipped back or if they want to company to sell it. Discs must be in good shape will limited scratches. There is a limit of two copies per title per customer.

You can accept payment via PayPal or check. Store credit is also an option if you prefer.

3. Amazon


Are you asking yourself “where can I sell used DVDs?” If so, Amazon is a great option to sell used DVDs online. Countless people go to Amazon to buy items these days, so it makes sense to take advantage of their platform.

Amazon sellers can choose between two different plans. The professional plan costs $39.00 a month to sell an unlimited number of items. There is also the individual plan which costs $0.99 per item sold.

If you plan on selling more than 40 items per month the professional plan may make the most sense. DVDs is one of the categories that are fine to sell on Amazon.

A seller’s credit card must be internationally chargeable because orders can come from all over the world. Amazon will notify sellers of any orders by either text or email as they occur.

Amazon handles all payments and you instantly receive cash from sales in your account.

4. Letgo


Letgo is an online marketplace for consumers to buy and sell products. The Letgo platform has over ten million active users and is one of the best sites like Craigslist to buy and sell items locally.

Buyers can search by state, price, and even by the age of listings. Letgo makes posting items for sale simpler than many of its competitors.

All sellers need to do is take a photo of an item, and the artificial intelligence and image recognition technology will fill out the category the item belongs to.

This allows users to skip a step, so you only have to add a description of the item and the asking price. Letgo cannot offer refunds to buyers so they recommend transactions happen face to face via cash.

5. eBay


eBay encourages sellers to try their luck selling on their site. Whether you’re just getting rid of a few unwanted items or starting a business, the first 50 items listed per month on eBay are free and it’s $0.35 per listing after that.

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If you have a handful of DVDs to sell eBay may be a good option assuming you don’t mind the bidding process. The eBay platform is a terrific way to get access to buyers around the world and increase the chances of a sale.

6. Facebook Marketplace


Have you asked yourself “Where can I sell used DVDs near me?” and not known where to start? If so, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent choice to sell used DVDs locally.

Facebook allows users to set up notifications to let them know about new postings in  specific categories. So, when you post DVDs for sale, anyone looking for DVDs will receive a notification of your listing.

Sellers can add their very own custom price and condition of the DVDs. Being responsive and quickly answering any questions is the simplest path to good reviews, which can help attract more potential buyers.

7. EagleSaver


You may not have heard of them before, but EagleSaver is one of the best places to sell used DVDs online. Like Decluttr, you can sell several types of items to EagleSaver, including:

  • Blu-Rays
  • Books
  • Video games

You can make money after completing three simple steps.

First, get a quote on how much EagleSaver will give for the DVD by entering the 12-digit UPC code. The code is typically located on the back of the movie case. Most DVD cases should have this number, except for some low-budget films or club editions.

Second, if the quote looks good, print out the free shipping label and ship the items to EagleSaver. EagleSaver pays by check or PayPal and notifies sellers via email when they receive items and authorize payment.

There are no fees to use the service; even shipping is free. The order value of items shipped must be at least $20.00, and the minimum average value per item shipped must be $1.00 or more.

If EagleSaver receives an item that doesn’t match their condition standards they can either ship it back for free or donate it to a local charity.

8. SellDVDsOnline.com


SellDVDsonline.com is another site that allows you to sell your DVDs, CDs, and video games for cash online. Like EagleSaver, getting a quote simply requires entering the 12-digit UPC number.

This will allow them to look up the title and compare it to their current inventory of the item.

The more copies they already have of that same title the less of a chance they’ll buy it from a seller. It’s possible to search multiple UPCs at once which will produce a more accurate quote in less time.

Like other options in this list, SellDVDsonline.com wants the items to be in good condition.

They do not accept unopened DVDs because they can’t verify them for legitimacy or authenticity. SellDVDsonline.com also rejects any former library items or ones that are missing the original packaging.

The company pays sellers via PayPal or check within three days of receiving items. They also offer free shipping if customers use their shipping label.

9. OfferUp


One thing that makes OfferUp a bit different than similar marketplaces is the ability to hold an item. This is an agreement between the buyer and seller and makes it one of the best apps to sell your stuff online and locally.

Payment can be pre-authorized and then held until the buyer is available to pick up the item. The seller then must make sure they hold the item and don’t go back on the agreement.

Once the buyer inspects the item they can then decide if they want to an item if they do they can release the hold and make the cash available to the seller. Both parties can still negotiate the price at this point, or cancel the transaction entirely if both buyer and seller agree.

OfferUp does allow both in-person meetings and shipping as options. If a seller chooses to ship, once a buyer receives a package, they have two days to review an item before the sale becomes final.

10. Bonavendi


Do you want the ability to compare quotes from multiple platforms in one place? If so, Bonavendi is an excellent option to sell used DVDs online.

Like other sites on our list, you can instantly receive a quote by providing the information on the barcode from the movie.

Better yet, Bonavendi allows you to compare quotes from up to 20 different vendors and buyback services. They give customers a variety of options so they can compare prices and see which service will offer the best deal.

There is no charge to the seller for comparing the prices and most websites offer free shipping. The app also allows customers to scan in DVDs which is great for large orders.

11. Abundatrade


The final choice to sell used DVDs online is Abundatrade. The site focuses on helping protect the environment through recycling different forms of media.

Abundatrade works like EagleSaver in that your pre-valuation total of all items must equal at least $15. The average price of each DVD must be at least $0.75 to qualify.

Unless you have a substantial number of DVDs to ship (which they don’t quantify on their site) you must pay for shipping.

Abundatrade pays via PayPal and check. You can expect payment via PayPal within two to three days, or two to three weeks via check after they receive your items.

Tips to Sell Used DVDs


You won’t become wealthy selling used DVDs, but it is an effective way to profit from decluttering. Make sure to follow the below tips to receive the maximum possible return.

Don’t pay to ship your items. Only do this if absolutely necessary; several options offer free shipping of used DVDs.

Be honest about the condition. Condition is key when selling used DVDs. If the disc has bad scratches don’t attempt to sell it, as these platforms will reject it upon arrival.

Compare multiple quotes. Each platform is different. You want to compare quotes from at least two or three platforms before making your decision.

Be smart. This is primarily relevant if you try to sell used DVDs in person. Always meet in a well-lit public place, and only accept cash.

You can sell used DVDs online to make cash decluttering your house. Here are the 11 best places to sell used DVDs online or locally for top dollar.

Sell Used DVDs Near Me: Bottom Line


Selling using DVDs is a great way to declutter your house and make money. Movies are fun, but streaming makes owning DVDs unnecessary in most cases. This list provides multiple options to sell your used DVDs online and locally for top dollar.

There are many sites and people who are interested in movies, which isn’t likely to change any time soon. If the movies are in good condition people will pay good money for them.

Manually entering the UPC number can take some time, but it could be well worth it if they sell. These sites make it easy to clear out your unwanted DVDs and sell them online. Choose one to start with and try it out today.


How many DVDs do you own? Have you ever used any of the above sites to sell used DVDs? What is another item in your house you want to declutter?


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