7 Best Ways To Get Free Gas at the Pump

How much does it cost to fill up your car with gas? If you drive your car as much as others, it’s likely too much. Unfortunately, gas is expensive. However, there are ways to get free gas at the pump and keep more money in your pocket.

Buying gas is a necessary evil, and is a part of the common monthly household expenses for most. You can’t do much to control the price of gas, but there are options to legally pay less at the pump.

These options work not only for your typical driving but work for road trips as well. If you want to save money on gas, our guide shows a few of the top ways to keep more in your budget.

Legit Ways to Get Free Gas


The cost of gas varies depending on where you live, so it impacts people differently. The average national price for a gallon of gas is $2.62, as of our publication date, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

If you have an 18-gallon tank, that equals $47.16. If you have a larger tank or pay more per gallon, you will pay more. Regardless, the cost adds up quickly.

Believe it or not, there are ways to get gas for free and save money. It’s possible all options won’t work for you, but most people can find at least one way to save money on gas from our list.

Below are the best ways to get free gas and lower your transportation costs.

1. Get Free Gas Cards Online Through Swagbucks


One of the best ways to get free gas is to earn it during your spare time. We’ve talked about Swagbucks before, but did you know that Swagbucks offers gas cards as a cash-out option?

Swagbucks is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays you to perform various tasks online. You can earn rewards in many ways on Swagbucks, including:

  • Using their online shopping portal
  • Playing games online
  • Watching sponsored videos
  • Taking surveys
  • Using their search engine

For every 100 SB points you earn, you can receive $1. You can trade in the points you earn for gift cards, including gas cards.

The current gas stations offering gift cards on Swagbucks include Exxon, Chevron, and Sunoco. You can also redeem cash via PayPal or Visa gift card and use it at any gas station of your choice if these aren’t available in your area.

Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to get free gas at the pump because you can earn it in your free time. Taking surveys may not get you rich, but it can help you save money on gas with a few hours spent online monthly.

2. Join A Gas Station Loyalty Program


Do you want to know how to get free gas and not know where to start? A gas station loyalty program is one of the best ways to save money at the pump. Gas station loyalty programs allow you to earn cash back or points to redeem for free gas.

You can find gas station loyalty programs at most larger grocery stores, such as Safeway, Price Chopper, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Hy-Vee, Giant Eagle, and Fred Meyer.

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to get free gas, and it’s a method that I use personally. For me, the closest stores that offer free gas are Hy-Vee and Price Chopper.

Here’s how mine works. Every week, Hy-Vee sends their weekly ad, including the items that get cents off a gallon of gas. Based on what you buy, you could potentially, get gas up to 20 gallons for free.

They even have offers where you receive $0.20 cents off per gallon for every $50 you spend. That’s not even including the individual items that get a few cents off just for purchasing them.

Here are a few other reward programs that you could take advantage of:

  • Safeway – Get $0.10 cents off per gallon of gas for every $100 you spend, up to 25 gallons.
  • Kroger – Get one point for every dollar you spend for up to $0.10 cents off per gallon with a 25-gallon maximum. You can stack deals and get extra points during promotional periods.
  • Harris Teeter – Receive $0.10 cents off per gallon of gas for every 100 points you earn, up to 35 gallons. You can earn one point for each dollar spent, two points for each dollar spent on gift cards, and 50 points for qualifying prescription fills.
  • Price Chopper – Receive $0.10 cents off per gallon of gas for every $100 you spend, up to 20 gallons. You can also stack deals to get more money off gas prices.
  • Fred Meyer – Receive one point for every dollar spent and get $0.10 cents off per gallon of gas for every $100 you spend, up to 35 gallons.

If your local store doesn’t offer a loyalty program, don’t hesitate to ask.

3. Take Surveys Online


Although Swagbucks is a great option to get free gas at the pump, there are a few other survey sites out there to keep in mind.

Survey Junkie is another awesome way to get free gas. The biggest perk with Survey Junkie is that you can also redeem your points for cash which you can spend on anything.

Like Swagbucks, you can earn your points on Survey Junkie by taking surveys. Check out our Survey Junkie review to learn more about the platform.

InboxDollars is also a survey site. However, my favorite way to earn cash is to read the emails they send, play games, and watch videos.

While InboxDollars has a higher cash-out threshold at $30, it’s still a legitimate rewards site. Check out our InboxDollars review to learn more about the platform.

Last but not least is Vindale Research. Just like InboxDollars, they pay you in cash only. This survey site also gives you cash for using their search engine and reading emails.

You can earn $2 sign-on bonus when you first sign up. To receive payment for your surveys, you do have to reach their payout threshold of $50. However, due to the higher survey payouts, you could reach this quickly.

You won’t become rich taking surveys, but they’re a great way to get free gas gift cards to save money at the pump.

4. Buy Discounted Gift Cards


While this option isn’t necessarily free, discounted gift cards help you receive a few free dollars worth of gas.

Raise is an online store that buys and sells gift cards which they typically discount to save you up to ten percent off. If you buy $100 worth of gas cards, for example, you spend just $90 to help you save money on gas.

The typical gas cards available on Raise are Shell, Speedway, and BP. Raise also regularly runs promotions that offer additional savings.

And, if you’re a new customer, you can get $10 off your first order of $100 or more. That could mean almost 20 percent off your gas costs.

5. Use Credit Card Rewards


Do you use rewards credit cards? While the rewards for credit cards aren’t always the best, redeeming your points or rewards for free gas can help in a pinch.

There are a few different options that you might be able to do to get free gas. For one, if you’re credit card offers you reward points for spending, the best thing you could do is purchase gift cards for gas stations or redeem the points for cash, Visa gift cards, or PayPal, if offered.

The next option would be to get cash back for paying for your gas with a credit card. This doesn’t automatically equal free gas, but it can mean discounted gas.

Only use this option if you pay off your credit cards each month. No rewards are worth the potential debt.

6. Salvation Army


I would only recommend this one if you’re low income and in need of free gas. However, there are various charities, including the Salvation Army, that offer free transportation and gas vouchers for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

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Other options include contacting other charities in your area, checking around with churches, or seeing if you have a Community Action Partnership program near you.

These programs help provide for transportation needs if you can’t afford it on your current budget. This is truly a free option, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for getting help if you need it.

7. Prepaid Gas Card Promotions


Do you have a specific gas station that you like to go to? You can get free gas by taking advantage of their gas cards.

You must watch for deals that they offer, but some gas stations offer a free fill-up, money off, or even a discounted gas card during certain promotions.

For example, in my area, Casey’s and QuikTrip are the most popular gas stations. QuikTrip has their own credit card/prepaid card option where you can get a percentage off your regular gas fill-ups.

They also have promotions where you can get money off when you get the card and pay for your first fill up.

Ways to Save Money on Gas


It’s not always possible to get free gas. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for ways to save money at the pump.

Here are a few legit ways to save money on gas:

Drive Smarter: Speed and brake usage have a significant impact on gas consumption. Avoid rapid acceleration and quick stops to conserve gas.

Use the right gas: Premium gas brings a higher cost. If your car says it’s required, then you need to buy premium gas.

If it simply says it’s recommended, try lower grades to see how your car operates. The lower the grade, the less you spend.

Use your phone: Do you want to know how to get cheap gas near me? There are apps to use that help you locate cheaper gas. Find one you like and start looking for cheap gas around you.

Drive less: This may not always be a choice for you, but if you can walk or bike for short trips you will save money. It’s healthier too!

Avoid free gas scams: These are less popular today, but free gas scams pop up from time to time. They range from telemarketers saying you can get free gas, to claims that scanning your driver’s license before using your credit card at the pump results in savings.

You can also buy a fuel-efficient car, but that may not always be an option. Using the above tips will help you save money on gas.

There are many ways to get free gas at the pump and cut costs. Here are 7 legit ways to save money on gas to help relieve monthly transportation costs.

How To Get Free Gas: Bottom Line


Buying gas isn’t a choice for most of us, as we all depend on our cars for our livelihood. Saving money at the pump keeps more money in your budget to care for other needs.

You may not realize huge savings with each opportunity, but most add up over time. With a little work, it’s possible to get free gas at the pump and help relieve financial stress.


What other things do you do to get free gas? How much do you spend on gas each month? What is your favorite app to find cheap gas?

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