CountAbout Review: Simplify Budgeting Through Automation

While budgeting is personal and everyone does it differently, there isn’t anyone alive who wouldn’t like to make it easier. Some love spreadsheets, some love apps, and others love using pen and paper. There is no right way to budget. What matters is that you monitor where your money goes each month. Automation can make budgeting easier and CountAbout is a new budgeting automation tool that helps you manage your money.

Our CountAbout review shares how you can use this online budgeting app to manage your finances entirely online. If you need a new budgeting approach, read on to take advantage of the 15-day free trial, and how to connect CountAbout to Mint or Quicken.

What is CountAbout?


CountAbout is an affordable budgeting app that allows you to import financial data, organize and customize budget categories, and even invoice if you need to.

The app allows you to import data from Quicken and Mint, plus your bank, to help you create the best budget overview that works for you.

And the best part? It’s easy to access and you can have it right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

How Does CountAbout Work?


CountAbout offers several significant features as a part of its service. Here are just a few things that the app offers its users.

15-Day Trial: The app isn’t free, but you do receive a 15-day free trial to test it out. If you like the service, the platform offers two plans:

  • Basic – $9.99 per year
  • Premium – $39.99 per year

The Premium plan offers additional features, mainly automatic synching of all financial accounts. You can sync accounts with the Basic plan, but you must initiate the process manually.

When you start a free trial, you receive access to the Premium option.

Import Information: If you use the or Quicken apps, CountAbout integrates seamlessly with them to offer you a full overview of your budget and finances.

Account Synching: We all have multiple financial accounts to manage. CountAbout simplifies that by allowing you to connect to any of the following account types:

  • Credit cards
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Retirement accounts

It is worth noting that some banks and institutions may have a hard time synching due to authentication errors, so it may or may not work with some institutions. The CountAbout site allows you to verify if your institution works with the platform.

CountAbout works with thousands of banks and financial institutions, per their website. If you have questions about whether your bank will work with CountAbout, you can use the free trial period to solve any issues.

Reports: With reports, you can analyze your budget and data quickly and easily. Reports include account balances, category spending, and are fully customizable. You can filter reports to see certain transactions, either in graphical or spreadsheet form.

They have an app: Prefer to be on the go? CountAbout has an app that you can glance at wherever you are. The app is available both on iOS and Android phones. And, because everything syncs easily, what you see is exactly like it is on your desktop.

Who Is CountAbout For?


Life is busy. We all have intentions to manage our money effectively, but it’s not always easy to make a budget and live by it. This is where an online budgeting app like CountAbout simplifies much of the process.

If you like to manage things from your smartphone, CountAbout is a good option to consider to manage your money. Even if you aren’t a fan of web-based budgeting, you can still receive a lot of value out of this app.

At the very least, it offers a comprehensive overview of your personal financial situation. This is helpful for those looking to lower their monthly bills and keep more money in their budget.

Even if you choose to use the app in conjunction with your current budgeting method, you’ll still get out further ahead.



Now that we’ve talked about what CountAbout is, what it can do, and who it’s for, let’s talk about the pros and cons. Here are the pros.


CountAbout is as secure as you can get when it comes to the internet and your private financial information. Not only do they not sell or give away your data, they only store your email.

Any other information you put in? It goes through a third-party site, known as MX, that is highly secure, and CountAbout never receives this information. It’s also encrypted, so your information stays safe even in the event of a compromise.

CountAbout supports a two-factor authentication login system. This provides extra security with one additional hurdle keeping hackers at bay.

Ease of Use

To begin, all you need to do is enter in your email, connect the accounts that you want to see, and that’s it. After that, the budgeting app will show you what’s most important to you.

No ads. No extra information or graphics. Just clean and to the point information that you need when it comes to your money. This is great if you don’t have all day to look for a specific transaction or just want a quick overview of your spending and account information.

If you’re not great with technology, CountAbout makes it easy to see exactly what you need.

Automatically Enters Transactions

You may take this as a con, but many people use personal finance apps and software because they want to save time. It’s hard to save time if you constantly have to input your bank transactions and spending.

Plus, if you mostly use a debit or credit card for your monthly spending, you’ll find yourself adding hundreds of transactions in a single month. Most people just don’t have time for that.

With CountAbout, you don’t have to worry about that. It automatically downloads your transactions, making it easier to categorize them and organize them the way you like.

The App

As mentioned earlier, CountAbout also has an app. If you’re like me and are busy, having a user-friendly app is great. Jumping on a computer just to figure out your budget can get tedious, but a quick check-in on your phone is always nice to stay on track.



Of course, no budgeting method or app is perfect. You’ll almost always notice some “missing” feature or function that could work better.

An online budgeting app will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Below are the cons to keep in mind when considering CountAbout.

No Free Version

While there is a 15-day trial, CountAbout isn’t free. While the yearly cost isn’t exorbitant, if you’re used to free budgeting tools, the fee may catch you by surprise.

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There are two plans available, the first being $9.99 for the year. This basic subscription allows you to do everything except download bank transactions.

If you want to download your bank transactions, you’ll pay the premium fee of $39.99 for the year. If you want to add business invoicing to that you’ll pay an additional $60 a year.

This isn’t a lot of money to spend, but it is a con when you’re used to free budgeting apps. However, because of the paid features, you don’t have to deal with ads, which is a huge pro.

Not As Detailed

Although you can set up a budget with CountAbout, it’s not as robust as other apps (think Personal Capital or YNAB). It’s used mostly as an accounting overview of your finances. It doesn’t have some features that other apps have, and it’s not going to walk you through your spending every single month.

There are some benefits to this, like being able to see a year-at-a-glance, but if you’re looking for an app that offers tips, suggestions, and helps you make better financial decisions, this isn’t the app for you.

Simple Features

There are some familiar features from other apps that CountAbout doesn’t offer. For example, unlike Personal Capital, you can’t track investments or see a clear and concise overview of your net worth.

Unlike and other apps, you won’t be able to pay your bills through the app. CountAbout is a simple app that is adding features regularly but don’t expect to have everything in one place immediately.

Is CountAbout Worth It?


For those wanting a simple-to-use budgeting app, you can’t go wrong with CountAbout.

Given the features the app offers, and its affordability, it’s worth considering. If you want a clean interface without superfluous information, CountAbout shines among its competition.

Yes, there is a minimal charge if you choose to use the app, it’s a small price to pay to know where your money goes each month. It’s like having a personal finance accountability buddy right at your fingertips.

Even if you need more accountability, CountAbout is a great companion to other budgeting tools, especially because you can look at reports and see your whole year’s budget and spending.

CountAbout is an online budgeting app that helps manage your money. Our CountAbout review shares how the app works and how to try the service for free.

CountAbout Review: Bottom Line


CountAbout is great as an addition to your current budgeting technique, or as its own standalone budgeting software. The app isn’t perfect, but it is regularly adding new features to make it a more robust offering.

If you’re on the fence, take advantage of the 15-day free trial to see if the service is for you. Anyone can use the app, and it’s a great way to see your money at a glance to help you make more informed decisions.


How often do you look at your budget? What concerns do you have about using an online budgeting app? What’s one financial goal you need additional funds to reach?

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