33 Cheap, Fun Things to Do this Weekend

Picture this: it’s Friday afternoon, you’re looking for something to do for fun, but you can’t seem to think of anything. Sounds familiar? If you often ask yourself “what are some cheap, fun things to do this weekend?” look no further.

You might think it’s not possible to have a great time without spending money. You may also believe that frugal living is one filled with boredom. Thankfully, neither is true. There are countless things you can do to have fun that are light on the wallet.

Whether you want a list of fun things to do this weekend or fun things to do tonight, this post has everything you need for a great time on a tight budget.

Fun Things To Do This Weekend


Looking for something enjoyable to do this weekend? Regardless if you live in a large city or a smaller community, you are in luck. Below are 33 ideas for cheap and fun things to do this weekend – many of them cost under $10.

1. Go To The Park


Parks are fun and cheap. And, you can go to the local park, or you can even visit a national park if you live near one. Have fun swinging, walking around, hiking, and more, all for free (or really close to free).

2. Visit A Free Museum


Does your city have museums? Countless museums are open to the public for free. Even costly museums can have free or discounted days. So, spend a few hours in a free museum, learn something new, and have fun.

3. Play A Board Game


Looking for fun things to do with kids? Look no further than playing a board game. Most people have board games in their homes that go untouched.

Instead of letting them collect dust, bring them out and have a board game marathon with friends and family. If you need a new board game, check out Amazon for options.

4. Host A Movie Marathon


Got some must-see movies on your “to watch” list? Rent them from Redbox for cheap (you can receive a one-night free rental here), or see if you can find them on Hulu or Netflix.

Read our guide on Hulu or Netflix to see which is better. Pop some popcorn and binge watch for the day, or just have a movie night.

5. Go On A Bike Ride


Have you ever asked yourself “what are some free things to do near me?” and not know what’s available? Going for a bike ride is an excellent choice.

Not only is bike riding healthy for you, but it’s also an awesome way to get some fresh air and have fun. You can either map out the route or just wing it and explore your local area. Just be safe!

6. Side Hustle


Who knew side hustling can be fun? But, if you do side hustles like mystery shopping or running around town, you can explore and have fun, while also getting paid.

There are numerous options when you look at the best paying delivery app gigs if you want to do something as simple as drive your car and deliver meals.

7. Learn Something New


Want to learn how to bake? Want to learn a new language? This weekend is the time to do it.

Sites like Skillshare can teach you new skills, or you can download apps like Duolingo and learn a whole new language. And best of all? They’re free to download.

8. Volunteer


Why not have fun while you give back? Research volunteer opportunities in your city, choose something that you think you’d enjoy doing and spend a few hours making a difference in your community.

9. Go To The Zoo


This is another excellent choice for fun things to do with kids. Go to the zoo or petting zoo and spend some time learning about the animals.

Many zoos even have discounted or free tickets after certain times or if you live in the zip code.

10. Play Childhood Games


You’re never too old to play tag, hopscotch, hide and seek, or other games you played as a kid. Play with your own kids, play with your young-at-heart friends, or even volunteer at a children’s center.

11. Try Out A Sport


Did you play sports in school or want to learn a new sport? Check out your community center for teams or free games, or, get some loved ones together and have fun. You can even try lesser-known sports like zorbing or Quidditch.

12. Go Stargazing


Are you looking for fun things to do as couples? Look no further than right above you! Something is amazing about driving out to a secluded area, camping out with a blanket on the top of your car, and seeing the beautiful stars.

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13. Go To The Library


Not only are libraries free, but they can have a ton to do. Between books, classes, movies, and activities, you’re bound to find a cool activity that you can do at the local library.

14. Have A Bonfire


If allowed in your area, have a bonfire, and invite over some friends. Make smores, sit around and chat, and just relax. It’s a fun way to get together without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

15. Check Out The Local College


If you live near a college, you may be able to take advantage of some free activities. Plays, concerts, food events, and other social activities are typically free, accept donations, or are cheap to support the students performing and helping.

16. Window Shopping


I wouldn’t recommend this if money burns a hole in your pocket, but window shopping can be fun. You could go to your local mall or flea market and just walk around. And, you may even get some ideas for future gifts.

17. Have A Picnic


You can do this in the park or your own backyard, and pack whatever foods are your favorite. You can also bring a good book, relax with some music, or make it a date with your partner if you’re looking for cheap, fun things for couples to do.

18. Host A Potluck


Want to get together with some friends? Instead of spending a fortune on clubs or concerts, host a potluck.

Each person can bring a dish to share, and then you just bring it all together and host. Food, fun, and laughs, for super cheap.

19. Go Pick Fruit


If you have a U-Pick-It farm near you, take advantage. When the seasons change, many of these farms need helping hands to get all of the fruit off bushes and trees.

You get to have fun and bring home some delicious fresh fruit for cheap. And, the farms get help. It’s a win-win for everyone.

20. Rearrange Your Furniture


Wanting to refresh your space? Try rearranging your furniture. You don’t have to spend any money, and your space will feel like new.

21. Redecorate


If you want to take things a little bit further, you can also redecorate your space. Have old photos? Hang them up.

Repaint your coffee table. Anything that you can find for cheap or free can liven up your space.

22. Try A Puzzle


When was the last time you worked on a puzzle? Try one this weekend. You could even fill your time by grabbing a larger puzzle. That could keep you busy for hours.

23. Call Friends or Family


If it’s been a while, try to connect with friends and family that you haven’t spoken to lately. It can brighten up their day, and yours, and it’s fun to catch up.

24. Tour Your City

Are you looking for fun things to do near me and drawn a blank? Become a tourist in your own city. You can be a tourist anywhere.

Check out a place you haven’t before, tour around on your city’s public transportation, and even window shop in a new area.

25. Declutter


I don’t know about you, but I love to declutter my house. If you’re like that, take some time to declutter an area in your house.

You can always donate what you don’t want anymore, killing two birds with one stone. You can even make money with this option if you have old electronic devices or gaming systems.

BuyBackWorld buys many old devices, plus free shipping, so why not turn your clutter into cash?

26. Check out Meetup


Trying to network or make some new acquaintances over the weekend? Check out Meetup. Not only are most events and meetings free, but you can learn something new and meet some new people.

27. Read A Good Book


If you decide to go to the library, pick up a few books and get to reading. It’s great for increasing knowledge, and it can be easy to lose yourself in a good book and read for hours.

28. Have A Yard Sale


Need to get rid of some items in your home? Have a yard sale. Not only can you make money with this activity, but you can also declutter and give some neglected items a brand new and loving home.

29. Be With Your Partner


Go on a cheap date, spend some time with each other, cuddle, give each other massages, or even get frisky. Just take some time to spend time with your partner and show them you appreciate them.

30. Build A Fort


Kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun building a fort. Grab lots of blankets and free cardboard boxes and start building.

When you’re finished, pop in a good movie and have fun relaxing in your new castle.

31. Play Video Games


Unwind with some cool games that suit your fancy. Whether you have games already, or find some free ones online, you’re bound to find something that you enjoy.

32. Check Out A New Podcast


Do you want to find some fun things to do today? Podcasts are an awesome choice.

With so many genres and options, listening to a new podcast can be fun. You can find a podcast to help with personal development or follow along with a fiction podcast and find a new show that you love.

33. Solve A Mystery


Fan of mysteries, unsolved crimes, or the like? Indulge yourself and go down the rabbit hole that is the internet.

Google an unsolved mystery. You never know, you may be able to bring fresh eyes to a real case and solve it.

Are you looking for cheap, fun things to do this weekend? Look no more! Here are 33 free things to do today to have fun without spending a lot of money.

Free Things To Do Near Me: Bottom Line


There are so many fun things to do this weekend that are cheap or even free. Some offer fun, some make you feel good, and some give you clarity.

You can even mix and match and knock out a lot of these in a single weekend. But this proves that you don’t need to overspend just to have fun.


What’s always on your list of fun things to do when you’re bored? How much do you budget for entertainment each month? What’s one fun activity you refuse to spend money on?

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