How to Get Free Stickers: 35 Companies That Send You Free Stickers by Mail

Who doesn’t like to get free stuff? We all do! And it doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, stickers are a fun pastime for many. If you’re a collector or enjoy decorating personal items, you may wonder how to get free stickers in the mail from companies.

While there are many places to get inexpensive stickers like Dollar Tree, it’s even better when you can receive them for free. If you’re excited about this idea, our guide shares dozens of companies that mail free stickers.

How to Get Free Stickers by Mail from Companies


Often when you hear that something is available for free, you may think it’s too good to be true; this is not one of those cases. Free sticker offers allow brands to market their business for cheap.

Before we discuss how to get free stickers, it’s essential to set expectations, such as:

  • You may need to fill out an online form to receive free promotional stickers from companies
  • Companies may ask you to send a self-addressed envelope – make sure not to seal it so they can mail it to you
  • Companies may ask you to join a mailing list, though many make that optional
  • Wait times vary, from several days to several months
  • Most companies only mail to U.S.- based addresses

When requesting free stickers, remember that each company handles requests differently. Below is our list of free sticker companies to grow your collection.

1. Annie’s


Did you know the organic food company also gave out cute stickers? You can get a sticker version of their fluffy bunny by filling out this form.

You can also choose between five sticker choices.

2. Backcountry


Do you love spending time in the outdoors? Prove it with a sticker from Backcountry. Your only option is their logo, and you can’t customize it, but a goat sticker is pretty cool, nonetheless.

You can get your own sticker by filling out their form online.

3. Billabong


If you’re a surfer dude or dudette, Billabong has the perfect sticker for you. The Australian based company can only send extra stickers to the U.S., but that could make it your lucky day.

Get your stickers after you fill out this form, but remember to allow a couple of extra weeks to get your stickers.

4. In-N-Out Burger


Mmm, In-N-Out. If you love this iconic burger chain and have an In-N-Out Burger near you, you can get your free sticker by going into the store.

They don’t ship, and you can’t mail them, but they do hand stickers out freely to those that ask.

If you don’t live near an In-N-Out location, you can buy stickers on their website.

5. Keds


Almost everyone knows about Keds. The popular shoe brand has been around for over a century, and many people have worn the shoes.

Get your shoe sticker by visiting their site and filling out their form. This offer is for U.S. consumers only.

6. Burton Snowboards


If you’re a snowboarding fanatic, you’ve most likely heard of Burton Snowboards. Now you can receive free promotional stickers from them.

Just send a self-addressed envelope to:

Burton Snowboards


180 Queen City Park Rd

Burlington VT 05401

7. Moose Tracks


Ice cream lovers know all about Moose Tracks. Delicious vanilla ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and ribbons of fudge is honestly one of the best ways to unwind after a long day.

And, you can get a free Moose Tracks sticker just by filling out this form.

8. Rome Snowboards


Do you love snowboarding and other winter sports activities? This retailer sells snowboards, equipment, and clothes.

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Rome Snowboards will send you free stickers if you send them a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the following address:

Rome SDS

Attn: Free Stickers

1 Derby Lane

Waterbury VT 05676

9. Racer X


This motocross company will send you a free sticker every year if you request it. You can also share online where you put your sticker and they may feature your photo on one of their social media channels.

Get your free sticker by filling out their form online.

10. Saucony


Saucony sells shoes and other sports-themed clothing. You can get a free sticker from Saucony just by signing up for their email list.

The sticker request is only available for U.S. based consumers.

11. Rice Krispies


Rice Krispies wants you to be happy and joyous, no matter what. That’s why their stickers are in braille.

Get your for free by signing up for their email list and filling out the sticker form.

12. Madera Outdoors


Do you love connecting with nature? Go to the Madera Outdoors website and get a nature sticker.

It may take a while to get your sticker since they only mail them out quarterly.

13. Yeti


To get a free sticker from Yeti, you’ll have to purchase something. But, once you grab a Yeti mug or Cooler, you can request for your sticker to be sent to you.

14. Rip Curl


Rip Curl is a company known for wetsuits and anti-rain jackets. While it doesn’t send out free stickers anymore, but you do get a free sticker pack in the mail with every new order.

15. Zumiez


Zumiez sells clothing and accessories for skaters. You can get your free stickers from Zumiez in two ways.

If you live near a store, you can walk in and request them. Or, you can send your sticker request to:

Zumiez, Inc.

Free Stickers

4001 204th Street SW

Lynnwood, WA 98036

16. Punisher Skateboards


The famous skateboard company will send you stickers if you fill out their form online.

They only deliver in the U.S., and it may take a few weeks for them to process your request.

17. American Fish and Tackle Company (AFTCO)


As the name implies, AFTCO sells fishing related clothing and gear. You’ll need to sign up for the American Fish and Tackle Company email list before receiving your stickers.

Please allow four to six weeks to receive your stickers.

18. Chicago White Sox


Do you love to watch baseball? To request stickers from the Chicago White Sox, send them an email at

You could also get some more swag too. If you don’t like the White Sox, reach out to your favorite team as you might be able to get free stickers from most ball clubs.

19. Wild Hat Co


As the name suggests, Wild Hat sells hats and other accessories. Get one of five stickers when you sign up for the Wild Hat Co email list.

You’ll also receive a discount on your first future purchase.

20. Pelican Coast Clothing Company


Pelican Coast sells clothes for the entire family, including your dog. Get your choice between two stickers by signing up for the Pelican Coast Clothing Company email list and sending them a message.

21. Chaco


Chaco specializes in sandals for the whole family. While you now have to pay for the sticker pack from Chaco, you can also make a qualifying purchase and get your stickers for free.

22. Haley and The Hound


Haley and The Hound sells women’s and girl’s clothing. To receive free stickers from Haley and The Hound you need to send them a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the following address:

Haley And The Hound

715 Hwy 24

Newport, NC  28570

23. Heely’s


Heely’s sells roller shoes and accessories for those that like this 90s fad. To get your free stickers from Heely’s, you can fill out their contact form online.

Remember to put “free stickers” in the message and include your information.

24. Jones Soda Co


To receive free stickers from Jones Soda, send a self-addressed and stamped letter to Jones Soda Co here:

66 S. Hanford St. Suite 150

Seattle, Washington

United States, 98134

25. Oklahoma City Thunder


There are even stickers for basketball fans! Get the Oklahoma City Thunder stickers just by sending an email to

Don’t forget to include all relevant info and your mailing address.

26. Patagonia


Patagonia sells clothing and accessories for the outdoor lover. You can get two free stickers from Patagonia by going to their request page and providing them your mailing information.

They allow you to get stickers three times a year, so if you love them, don’t forget.

27. PETA Kids


Do you have a child that’s vegan or vegetarian? Surprise them with some cool PETA Kids stickers.

Get them for free by going to this page and clicking the free sticker link.

28. RVCA


RVCA is a company that sells outdoor and athletic-type clothes. Get your free RVCA apparel and sports stickers by filling out their form.

Again, you’ll have to wait up to four weeks for your stickers to appear.

29. Vinyl Disorder


Vinyl Disorder is a company that specializes in vinyl products, from decals to banners.

You can get a whole mystery package, including free stickers, when you join the Vinyl Disorder street team.

30. Coca-Cola


Yes, the soda giant gives out free stickers from time to time. If you get lucky, they’ll send some to you too. You can try your luck by filling out their form.

31. Michelin


Do you drive on Michelin tires? Now you can have free Michelin stickers. You’ll have to specifically request stickers from Michelin, since they don’t have a form dedicated to sticker requests.

However, shooting them an email or even chatting with them live can get your stickers.

32. Evo


Ski lovers rejoice, there are free stickers for you too. To get your free stickers, you first have to sign up for their email list.

Then, they’ll redirect you to a page where you can add in your address and request your stickers.

33. San Diego Sticker


San Diego Sticker specializes in decals and stickers. While San Diego Sticker no longer gives out free stickers to everyone who asks, you can qualify for free stickers by signing up for their email list.

34. MuirSkate


Do you know a skater? MuirSkate specializes in all things skateboarding. You can get your free stickers from MuirSkate in three different ways: with a purchase, by grabbing a sticker pack (and getting more stickers), or by sending them a letter to:


ATTN: Sticker Team

7919 Silverton Ave, Suite 407

San Diego, CA 92126

No matter what, you’ll get multiple stickers, not just one.

35. Buddha Pants


You can get free stickers and free temporary tattoos from Buddha pants. All you’ll have to pay is $1 shipping.

Get your stickers by adding them to your cart and checking out.

What to Know About Companies That Mail Free Stickers


Our list of free sticker companies merely scratches the surface. When requesting free stickers from these retailers, and others, keep the following in mind:

  • Always be polite when asking for stickers. Being polite goes far, especially if a company doesn’t typically give out stickers for free.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to other companies. This post is a small list of free sticker options, but many stores and companies could offer free stickers as well.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to pay for shipping, but that doesn’t mean the stickers aren’t free. Spending only a few dollars for shipping is a great deal for some stickers that could add to a collection.

Stickers are such a fun way to start a collection, and while they’re great for entertaining kids, adults love them just as much. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Want to know how to get free stickers in the mail? We share the top 35 companies that mail free stickers to your home so you can grow your collection.

List of Free Sticker Companies: Bottom Line


Free stickers are a fun way to remember a favorite brand or decorate a laptop or tablet. Many companies mail free stickers; you only need to ask.

The best way to find free sticker offers is to visit the websites of your favorite brands, as many have a request page.


What other items do you like to receive for free? How often do you prefer to get free promotional stickers from companies? What other things do you enjoy collecting?

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