Mint Mobile Review: Get Cell Service Under $25 Per Month

How often do you look at your cell phone bill and ask yourself, “Why am I paying so much?”. If you’re like me, you use your phone for everything, so having an affordable plan is vital. Prepaid carriers are a terrific way to save money on your monthly cell phone service, and our Mint Mobile review will show you exactly why.

Thanks to increased competition, it’s considerably easier to find cheap cell phone plans without sacrificing reliability, features, or convenience.

If you want to save money on mobile phone service, Mint Mobile is a fantastic option. In this article I’ll cover their plans, rates, and how they measure up against the “big boys”.

Mint Mobile is a budget-friendly phone service that provides an excellent way for you to enjoy your cell phone plan and smartphone without overpaying for the service.

What is Mint Mobile?


Like other discount cell carriers, Mint Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). These carriers piggyback on the towers of larger, legacy carriers, which allows them to offer monthly service at a fraction of the cost.

Mint Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network so you can expect a similar level of reliability. Mint Mobile offers prepaid plans where customers pay for their service in bulk and not month to month, like other MVNOs.

I will discuss how this impacts pricing later in the review.

Like other MVNOs, Mint Mobile is an online-only company, so you can’t visit them at a physical location in your area. Don’t worry, the customer service at Mint Mobile is good, and you can handle most matters via instant chat.

Mint Mobile Review


Are you looking for prepaid cell phone plans that provide quality service? Our Mint Mobile review below shares why you should consider them as a provider.

Getting Started


Activating with Mint Mobile is pretty simple. Assuming you’re bringing an unlocked GSM phone, go to their website and click Activate in the top right corner.

Before doing this, be sure to have the SIM card and cell phone you’re trying to activate handy. You can enter the 11-digit SIM card code in at the next step.

If you don’t mind having a new number, you can enter your zip code so Mint Mobile can assign a phone number. However, if you want to port over your current number, Mint Mobile offers that free of charge.

If you are stuck in a contract with another provider and need to wait until the end of the month to start, no worries. Mint Mobile gives you 45 days after purchase your SIM card to activate your new service.

Sometimes you may have to update your phone and double-check your data settings to allow text and picture messaging.

If you ever have additional questions, you have several choices to receive help. You can join the community to post questions or instant chat with a sales or customer service rep. Customer service is also available by calling 213-372-7777.

Mint Mobile Plans


Mint Mobile is a unique no-contract mobile phone provider. They do not sell single-month plans. Instead, you buy plans in three, six, or 12-month increments.

You pay for the total amount of the plan upfront to start.

This arrangement may cause some confusion in the beginning, but with Mint Mobile’s lowest price starting at $15 per month, it’s well worth the effort.

The provider simplifies the process for you with the savings calculator located on their homepage.

Simply type in your current monthly bill amount and how much data you need each month. Upon inputting that information, they provide an estimated yearly savings amount and your new monthly amount for service.

To begin, you pay for the total amount upfront. The data options are 3 GB, 8 GB, and 12 GB, all at 4G LTE. If you need additional data during the month, you can purchase 1 GB for $10, or 3 GB for $20.

Screen Shot 2019 11 19 at 1.23.48 PM

All Mint Mobile plans provide unlimited talk and text, which is not something available with all prepaid phone plan providers. Do you need to call Mexico or Canada?

Mint Mobile offers free unlimited calls to both countries as a part of their plans.

Mint Mobile has reasonable prices on other international calls as well. They offer service to over 160 countries, and you can locate those directly on their website by typing in the country you wish to call.

Pricing varies if you’re calling a cell phone or landline but not by much. The provider uses what they call Mint Mobile Wallet to pay for these calls, so ensure you have sufficient funds in the wallet before calling.

Your data resets every 30 days for three and six-month plans, and it alternates as the 30th or 31st day for 12-month plans. If you forget these dates, Mint Mobile does send a text message to remind you that your data has reset for the month.

After your initial plan is up, you can decide if you want to keep with the same or choose another plan. The more months you purchase, the more money you save.

A six-month plan option costs $150 and includes 8 GB of data comes out to $25 a month.

Another option is a 12-month plan  for $300 upfront that includes 12GB of data, which also comes out to $25 per month. Mint Mobile provides a 7-day money-back guarantee to decide if the carrier is for you.

You can mix and match the length of the plan and the amount of data you want to fit your needs best.

Lastly, all Mint Mobile plans include mobile hotspot and tethering to customers.

Mint Mobile Wireless Coverage


Any discount cell phone provider worth their salt offers excellent coverage. Again, Mint Mobile is an MVNO, and they operate on the T-Mobile network.

If your area has good coverage with T-Mobile, you can expect a similar experience with the Mint Mobile network. The provider has a coverage checker on their website to verify reliability.

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Bring Your Own Phone


One of the key selling points to an MVNO is you can bring your own unlocked phone or purchase one from the provider. Mint Mobile is no different, as long as you already have a GSM phone. If not, you can easily buy one from them.

Below are a few of the phones you can purchase from Mint Mobile:

  • Google Pixel 2 – 4 XL
  • iPhone 6 – 8
  • iPhone 11
  • Samsung Galaxy S8

Prices vary widely, up to over $1,000, so prepare yourself if you expect to purchase a phone from Mint Mobile. Similar to their service checker, Mint Mobile has a phone checker that allows you to see if a phone you want to bring is compatible with its platform.

Mint Mobile Promo Code

If you’re interested in Mint Mobile promo codes, you’ll be happy to learn that you don’t need any. Choosing any of these plans is the key to saving, but the more you buy, the bigger the potential savings are.

Mint Mobile periodically offers discounts on plans to offer cheaper pricing. The current promotion is 40 percent off three-month plans.

Another excellent way to save money with Mint Mobile is their referral program. With each person you refer, you receive a credit to your bill.

Mint Mobile will give you an entire year of service for free if you refer five people. Referring five friends will get you a total of $240 of referral credit, which can cover an entire 8 GB plan for a year.

The people you refer receive $15 for signing up with your referral link. Here’s the breakdown of how their referral system works.

  • One Referral $25
  • Two Referrals $30
  • Three Referrals $35
  • Four Referrals $40
  • Five Referrals $110

Your credit automatically applies 15 days after your referral purchases a plan. Credits are viewable on the website under the transaction history section. The count restarts after referral number six, and they cap referrals at ten per year.

Pros and Cons of Mint Mobile


Every company has its flaws, and Mint Mobile is no different. Even though they do have some excellent benefits, it’s essential to know about some potential drawbacks as well.


  • The more you buy, the more you save
  • Referral program
  • An active blog and YouTube channel to help customers
  • Free international calling to Mexico and Canada
  • Free porting of phone numbers
  • Plans start at just $15 a month
  • A mobile hotspot for no extra charge


  • Can’t change your plan until after your current one ends
  • No monthly pay-as-you-go plan options

Mint Mobile offers reliable service at an affordable price. Their unique plan strategy aside, the provider offers a terrific way to save money on your cell phone bill each month.

Mint Mobile is one of the best cheap cell phone plans available. Read our Mint Mobile review to see how their promo code gets you service for $15 per month.

Review of Mint Mobile: Bottom Line


Overall, Mint Mobile is an excellent option for cell phone customers who love to save money. Not only are their plans affordable, but you can bring your own device.

Additionally, Mint Mobile offers a money-back guarantee of seven days to test out their service. That’s not something each MVNO offers to customers.

It’s surprising to hear that Mint Mobile is a prepaid phone service that doesn’t offer month-to-month plans, but this model works for them. It really is a good amount of money you can save from trying their bulk packaging.

Also, reasonable international calling isn’t always easy to find, and Mint Mobile delivers here. Still,  you may not be too excited to hear that you have to commit to a plan for the duration you selected.

However, you can still opt for the smallest plan, which is for three months.  If you’re looking to save money with a reliable and quality phone service, Mint Mobile is worth the try and shouldn’t disappoint.


How much do you pay for your phone bill? What do you look for in a cell phone provider? How much data do you use each month?


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