5 Real Ways to Get Free Clothes Online

If you’ve bought clothes lately you know how expensive they can be. The problem compounds when you have a growing family. Heck, even a simple pair of jeans can easily cost $50 or more. Designer clothes bring an added cost, increasing the difficulty to buy clothes on a budget. I’ve felt this pain myself, and am going to show you how to get free clothes online.

Consignment stores are always a go-to resource to save money on clothing. When you pair that with any of our ways to get free clothing from companies, you further boost your savings. You can use these techniques to save money on women’s clothing, as well as men’s and children’s clothing.

If you’re looking for a way to get free clothes for your family, or significantly reduce your clothing expenses, our guide shares several of the best options.

Real Ways to Get Free Clothes Online


Do you have a growing family, or desire to live on a budget? It’s difficult, but possible, to manage costs in either event. Below are five real ways to get free clothes online.

Discover a way that works for you to secure free clothes or items at a significantly reduced price.

1. Earn Free Gift Cards


Often the best way to get free stuff online is through paid survey sites. Paid survey sites are an awesome way to monetize your free time. Many also offer the opportunity to earn gift cards you can use to various clothing retailers.


MyPoints is a site that you can earn points and cash them in for a gift card. New members receive a $10 gift card by spending $20 or more at any merchant through the MyPoints website in the first 30 days of your membership.

With MyPoints, you have the opportunity to earn five points for every ten profile questions you answer.

MyPoints rewards effort and gives you five points even if you don’t qualify for the survey. You can collect a maximum of 25 “disqualification” points per day.

The amount you can earn per survey is between 50-600 points. Additionally, you can earn points on MyPoints via the following ways:

  • Using their search engine
  • Downloading coupons
  • Watching sponsored videos

Amazon and Visa are just a few of the gift cards you can redeem to get free clothes online as well as other items. You can redeem points for gift cards once you reach a $5 balance.


InboxDollars also offers a signup bonus by giving $5 to every new member who signs up. You can earn points from surveys, playing games, watching videos, and reading emails for gift cards.

One of the easiest ways to earn is by reading emails. Active members can receive up to three emails to their inbox per day. There can only be one InboxDollars account with the same mailing address.

To create an account, you must be 18 years old or older. However, you must reach a $30 balance to redeem for gift cards.

Read our review of InboxDollars to learn more about the platform.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another site that pays you for sharing your opinion, and one of our favorite paid survey sites. The points you get can earn you gift cards that you can use to get free clothes online from retailers.

To sign up for Survey Junkie, you have to be 13 years old or older and live in the United States, Australia, or Canada. If you live in the U.S., all you need is $10, or 1,000 points to redeem for gift cards.

Read our review of Survey Junkie to learn more about the platform.

2. Earning Money on Your Shopping


Do you want to know how to get free clothes online from companies? Look no further than doing something you likely already do – shopping online.


Swagbucks has tons of options for rewards, with over 140 brands offering gift cards. You’ll earn redeemable points for any online searches you originate through Swagbucks.com.

In other words, you can shop with your favorite retailers straight from the Swagbucks platform or download their browser extension. With the Google Chrome browser extension, you’ll get a notification whenever you visit a site that could earn you SB points.

Swagbucks usually hit your account within 30 days of a qualifying purchase, which allows plenty of time to return an item if it’s something you don’t like.

Stores have different Swagbucks policies, so be sure to read them thoroughly before trying to shop online.

Be sure to look at how much cash back you can earn from a purchase before you go through with it. Many stores offer up to eight percent cash back on purchases.

You can also earn points via the following activities on Swagbucks:

  • Taking surveys
  • Playing games online
  • Using their search engine
  • Testing new products

Like other platforms, you receive a $10 bonus when you open an account. You can redeem for gift cards once you reach a $25 balance.

Read our review of Swagbucks to learn more about the platform.


Ibotta works a little different than Swagbucks, but it can still get you the same results – rewards that you can use to get free stuff online. With Ibotta, you can add offers before going to the store, shop as you normally would, then upload your receipt to the app to verify your purchases.

Another simple way is by just adding your loyalty account and start saving without having to add your receipt.

You can shop and save at over 300 stores with Ibotta. You can transfer the money you save with Ibotta to your PayPal or Venmo accounts, or there are also different gift cards to choose from, as well.

Ibotta gives you $10 when you open an account and you can redeem for gift cards or cash when you reach $20.

Read our review of Ibotta to learn more about the platform.


Earn cash back for your online purchases with Rakuten. Stores pay Rakuten to get customers to their site, and Rakuten shares that amount with you when you make purchases.

In some cases, you can receive eight to ten percent cash back on your purchases.

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Rakuten has a rotating list of stores that offer double cash back on purchases, so be sure to keep an eye on those. The easiest way to earn cash back is by adding the Rakuten Google Chrome browser extension for free.

This way you’ll be notified when you go to a site that offers cash back through Rakuten.

Read our review of Rakuten to learn more about the platform.

3. Refer a Friend Programs


One of the best ways to get free clothes online with free shipping is to refer friends. Online retailers thrive on referral business. When you refer new customers to online retailers, you often receive a referral bonus you can use to get free clothes.

Here are two of my favorite clothing sites that you can score free clothes with if you get referrals.


thredUP is an online second-hand store that is full of clothes in great shape needing a new home.

The referral program is for first time buyers or sellers to thredUP. You receive $10 for each new buyer you refer. The credit you receive is usable for purchases from the thredUP inventory. The credit expires 30 days after it is activated.

For you and the person you referred to receive credit, you both have to send in your first clean out kit, which is how customers send in clothing items to thredUP.

The maximum amount of thredUP credits you can get in a year is $580.

You can also sell gently used clothing to thredUP to increase your savings.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a way to get a personalized new wardrobe sent right to your home. Just fill out your style profile, and the stylist will find what fits your budget, needs, and style.

Once you create an account, you receive a referral link you can share with friends and family. These links are an excellent way to get free clothes online with free shipping.

Shipping and returns are always free even on return items you don’t like. The clothes aren’t entirely free to start, and Stitch Fix will charge a $20 styling fee, which can go towards any purchase you make after trying them on.

Referring new friends and family to Stitch Fix can earn you credit towards your next purchase or styling fee. Referral credits are added to your account as soon as your friend or family member completes the checkout process.

You can earn up to $599 in referral credits per year.

4. Facebook Groups


Facebook is a great place to get free stuff online. You can look for clothes on the Facebook Marketplace and also Facebook groups.

Marketplace items aren’t always free. Still, you can usually find good deals, especially from individuals too busy or lazy to have a yard sale.

Groups in your area like buy, sell, and trade will typically have a selection of free items. Some groups are more active than others, so if you aren’t having luck with one group see if you can find another one in your area.

With active groups, members may post every day, so you might not always catch all the items posted for that day. If needed, groups have search bars so you can put in words like “free” or “clothing” and see what comes up.

If you’re not on Facebook, sites like Craigslist are an excellent alternative to get discounted or free clothes online.

5. Clothing Swaps


Clothing Swaps are another helpful resource to get free clothing for you and your family. You can host a swap between just a couple of people or a larger group.

You can even make it an annual thing and rotate who hosts the clothing swap each year.

Again, Facebook is an excellent resource for this if you don’t know anyone in your area who wants to swap clothes. If you have friends with families, propose a time to get together to have a clothing swap.

Realize that what one person no longer wants or needs is still valuable to someone else. Depending on the number of items and people attending, there might be leftover clothes.

If nobody wants the extra clothes, you can donate them to Goodwill or a local second-hand store.

Other Simple Ways to Save Money on Clothes


Getting free clothes online is only one way to save money on clothing for your family. Below are a few of my favorite ways to save when buying clothes.

Buy basics from generic brands. Designer clothes are nice to have, but they’re cost-prohibitive. One simple way to save money on clothes is to buy basics from generic brands like Old Navy.

There’s no need to spend significant money on basics like t-shirts and clothing for wearing around the house. Buy from generics and focus spending on higher-need items.

Shop out of season. Retailers drastically reduce prices on items once they’re out of season. For example, summer clothing goes on sale during the fall and winter months. Stock up during out of season sales to save big money.

Shop at discount stores. Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are an excellent choice to save money on clothes for the family. They sell overstock from name retailers, allowing you to buy quality pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Most of these retailers have an online presence, making it simple to find ways to buy cheap clothes online.

Shop at thrift stores. Thrift stores are a great resource to save money on clothes. It may take some work on your part to find consignment stores you like, but it’s often well worth the effort.

Don’t buy because it’s on sale. Sales are an excellent way to save money on clothing, except for when you don’t wear the item enough to justify the price. Only buy the item if you plan to wear it regularly, otherwise, you’re wasting money.

You can get free clothes online to save money. Here are 5 real ways to get free clothes from companies to help lower costs to outfit your family.Get Free Clothing from Companies: Bottom Line


Clothes are an everyday necessity but can still get pretty expensive whether you have growing kids or need to expand your work wardrobe. When it comes to saving money on clothing, you can take it a step further and try to get your clothes for free.

Use these resources to get help stick to your budget and use your money for other important needs and expenses. Some of these options might take some time for you to earn enough points and rewards, but don’t be discouraged.

You’ll love having that gift card at your disposal once you get it. If you need new clothes fast, Facebook or swapping clothes might be your best bet.


What ways do you use to save money on clothes? How do you use free cash or gift cards you earn online? What are your favorite options to get free clothes from companies?

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