23 Best Places to Get Keys Made Near Me

I often think if my head wasn’t attached to my shoulders I’d lose it and then forget where I put it. So, when I lost my keys, I was upset, but not surprised. Thankfully, a quick internet search helped me find where I could get keys made near me.

I found there’s more than one option for key duplication near me. It turned out there were a number of places I could get keys made near me. There was even a cheap locksmith near me.

If you are like me and need to know where to get keys made, keep reading!

Places to Get Keys Made Near Me


As I mentioned above, there was more than one place to get keys made near me. That’s true for you too.

If you live in or near a larger city, you’ll find multiple options for where to get keys made.

Home Improvement Stores


The first type of place to get keys made is at a home improvement store. In my opinion, they are the best place for key duplication near me. You’ll be familiar with many of the names on this list.

1. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is my favorite place to have keys made nearby because they’re a one stop shop. If you lose your house key, bike key or car key, The Home Depot can replace it for you.

They’re quick and cheap, which makes them great. While my local Home Depot is perfect for getting car keys made near me, yours may not be. Not every Home Depot offers car key services, so call before you go.

2. Lowe’s

Like Home Depot, Lowe’s is a national hardware and home improvement store chain. It’s also an excellent answer to the question of “where can I get keys made near me?” If you live closer to a Lowes than a Home Depot, try them.

Call before driving over, especially if you need replacement car keys made, to make sure your Lowe’s offers this service.

3. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware was one of my father-in-law’s go to stores. Any time we needed a nut, washer, or screw, he’d take us there and help us find the part or tool we needed to complete our home improvement job.

It was also his go-to answer for where to get keys made near me. In fact, the first time I lost my keys, Ace Hardware is where we went to replace them.

They have a number of options for color and style, and replace car keys, standard house keys and brass door keys.

4. True Value Hardware

We don’t have a True Value Hardware nearby, which is why I went to Ace Hardware to get keys made. However, if you have a True Value in town, it may be an excellent option for key duplication.

Much like Ace Hardware, they offer a variety of key replacement services, including car and home keys. As with the other home improvement stores listed here, call before heading over to make sure your local store can replace your key.

5. Menards

If you live in the Midwest, Menards is another option for key replacement. They offer self-serve kiosks, or key making stations, that you can use to get a new key made.

Unfortunately, not every Menards offers this service, so call before going.

6. Sears

While Sears stores aren’t as common as they used to be, there are still a few around. Known for quality tools and appliances, they also offer key cutting services.

Since there’s a Sears store in my city, they are also a good option for getting keys made near me.

Grocery Stores


Many grocery stores aim to be one-stop-shops today. Banks, vision outlets and quick care health clinics are common additions to grocery stores near me.

Many also offer key services, making them a great choice for where to get your key made.

7. Walmart

What doesn’t Walmart sell? This giant of grocery stores and retailers is also a cheap locksmith near me. That’s because, like so many of the hardware store options mentioned, Walmart also sells keys.

What is different about Walmart and many other grocery stores as far as getting keys made, is that it is usually done through a self-service kiosk.

So, the one downside is you will probably have to fumble your way through the key making yourself.

That said, using a self-service key kiosk isn’t difficult. Just follow the instructions on the screen and you should be fine.

8. Kroger

A national grocery chain, Kroger is another good option for getting keys made near me. Call before you go to make sure your local Kroger offers key duplicating services.

Many Kroger locations help you make replacement keys for brass keys, standard house keys and custom keys. It will likely be at a self-service key kiosk.

9. Safeway

Do you have a Safeway store near you? If so, give them a call and then head over to get your key replaced. Safeway is a national grocery chain that offers key making services.

Many Safeway locations have KeyMe and other self-service key making kiosks where you can conveniently replace your lost key.

10. Dillions

Like the other grocers listed, Dillions is another option for getting keys made near me.

Whether you’ve lost an office key, padlock key or house key, self-service kiosks at Dillions locations will help you replace it.

11. Giant Eagle

Have you lost a key fob? Or an access card? You may be able to replace it at Giant Eagle.

Their kiosks can help you replace lost brass keys, home keys, padlock keys, office keys and other common types of keys.

As with so many options already mentioned, call before heading over to make sure your local Giant Eagle location has a key station available.

12. Vons

Located primarily in California and the American southwest, Vons is another grocery chain aiming to take care of all your needs. If you’ve lost your key, give your local Vons a call to see if they have a key station you can use.

Many locations offer key copying services for your car keys as well, so try them out.

13. Meijer

Another grocery chain, Meijer is a great spot to get your keys made. If you have some grocery shopping to do, stop by your local Meijer for key replacement.

Located primarily in the Midwest in states that include Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin, if you live near a Meijer, try them for key services.

14. Save Mart

Save Mart is a smart choice for key replacement. If you’ve lost a key fob or even a car key, you may be able to replace it at Save Mart.

This grocery chain makes it easy to copy your house key, office key or other common kind of key. What makes Save Mart stand out from other common grocers is that some locations also copy access cards.

Give yours a call before heading over.

15. H-E-B

Do you live in Texas? Have you lost a key? Head over to your local H-E-B to get a new key made.

Many H-E-B locations offer key kiosks where you can get car keys made, house keys and other types of keys.

Give your local H-E-B a call before heading over to make sure they offer these services.

Automotive Stores


Did you know that auto parts stores sell more than just car parts? Automotive stores are great places to get car keys made near me.

I’ve gone in on more than one occasion (because remember, I lose things often) to an automotive parts store to get a key made.

As you’d imagine, they are ideal places to get a replacement car key made.

Here are some common automotive stores that may be in your area where you can get keys made.

16. Advance Auto Parts

There’s an Advance Auto Parts near me, which isn’t surprising since they operate in 43 states. If you’ve lost a car key, this is a great option. Note that some manufacturers will not allow their car keys to be copied.

If that’s the case with your car key, you’ll need to go to the dealer to replace your car key. Otherwise, head on over to Advance Auto Parts!

17. Napa Auto Parts

You may know NAPA Auto Parts for car batteries. We’ve had our car battery replaced more than once with a NAPA battery. NAPA Auto Parts stores carry more than batteries.

They are an excellent place to get keys made.

Whether you need a new car key, house key or other kind of key, let NAPA apply their “know how” to your key job!

18. Pep Boys

Like the other automotive store chains mentioned, Pep Boys is another solid option for key duplication. They have self-serve kiosks you can use to get your car key or other kind of key made.

Plus, if you need an oil change, you can take care of both at once and save yourself some time.

19. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts has more than just a catchy jingle. They also offer self-service key stations that you can use to make a copy of a house key, brass key, car key or other kind of key.

With stores spread out across America, there’s likely an O’Reilly Auto Parts store near you. Give them a call before heading over to make sure their kiosk is operational.

Other Options to Get Duplicate Keys Made Near Me


Would you believe that with all the options already mentioned, there are still more places to get keys made?

Beyond retailers, hardware stores and auto parts shops, there are a few more solid options for getting keys made.

20. Locksmith

Even with all the home improvement stores and self-service key stations, there are still locksmiths in most cities. These key geniuses are another option for getting keys made.

The downside with locksmiths is that they tend to be more expensive than any of the other options mentioned.

You’re paying for expertise, however, so if you have a key that is unique or you haven’t been able to copy, a local locksmith may be your best bet.

After performing an internet search for ‘cheap locksmith near me,’ make sure to read reviews of local locksmiths on Yelp or another review service so you can pick someone with a solid reputation.

21. Mobile Locksmith Near Me

If you typed the above into an internet search, you may have been surprised at how many options your search returned. Where we live, there are nearly half a dozen mobile locksmiths.

Some mobile locksmiths will be local while others will be affiliates of a national chain, such as Carl Jarl or Keymasters.

As with locksmiths that aren’t local, make sure to read reviews about them to help you select someone who will get the job done right and not overcharge you.

While you will pay more for a mobile locksmith, the convenience of having someone come to you is nice. If you have a harder to replace key, this may be a good bet for you.

22. KeyMe App

Are you tech savvy? If so, KeyMe may be the perfect option for you. Download the app to your smartphone, take a picture of your key and KeyMe will mail you a key.

You’ll have to wait a few days, but you won’t have to go anywhere. Plus, KeyMe replaces non-standard keys and offers custom designs.

KeyME also offers self-service key kiosks inside a number of stores. These stations replace car keys, house keys, key fobs and access cards!

23. MinuteKEY

This national chain of self-service key stations may be in one or more of your local grocery or retail stores.

What’s worth calling out about MinuteKEY is the sports team designs they offer. If you need to replace a key, why not get a new key with your favorite college or professional team’s colors and logo on it?

Places That Don’t Make Keys


Given all the places that make it easy to have keys made near me, I was surprised to find common retailers that don’t make keys.

All of the following are store you might expect to offer key duplication, but don’t.

  • Auto-Zone
  • CVS
  • Magic Mart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target

This list shows it is always a good idea to call wherever you plan to get keys made before showing up. A quick call ahead of time will help you avoid wasting time and gas.

What to Know About Getting Key Copies


Now that you have a fair number of options for key duplication, it’s worth covering a few basics about getting keys copied. Keys are copied in two main ways:

  • A key-copying kiosk or machine
  • Personal service from a key specialist

At kiosks, personal service is not typically involved. Insert your key into the machine, choose a design and follow the instructions. This option tends to be less expensive and quicker.

It is more common to have the option for a person to help you duplicate your key at a home improvement or hardware store. This is helpful if you haven’t copied a key before.

How much does it cost to get a key copied?

The answer depends on what type of key you need to copy and where you get it duplicated. A local or mobile locksmith will be the most expensive option, yet will offer the most specialized service.

A hardware store or auto parts store with a person able to assist you in copying your key will cost more than a self-service kiosk.

If you only need to copy a standard home or office key, try a kiosk first. If you have a high performance, auto or more complex key, try one of the other options.

What are the different types of keys?

You’ve probably gathered by now that there are multiple kinds of keys. Common types of keys include:

  • House and office keys
  • Auto keys
  • High performance keys
  • Keys that say “do not duplicate”

More on each type of key is covered below.

House and Office

The most common type of key, house and office keys are exactly what they sound like. They are generally easy to make copies of at kiosks and in person at hardware and home improvement stores.

Auto Keys

With so much automation and security built into modern cars, auto keys are more complicated to copy. Depending on what type of car you need to replace a key for, you may need to visit an auto parts store to have your key duplicated.

A best practice to follow when trying to copy a car key is to contact your local hardware store and an auto parts store.

Explain the make and model of your car and ask if they can duplicate your key.

High Performance Keys

Another kind of key is commonly called a high performance key. Auto keys often fall into this category. Office keys can also be high performance keys.

These keys are more accurate and complex than a standard home or office key. They are designed to glide in and out of locks. Because of this, they may require more elaborate duplication services.

If you have a high performance key you want to duplicate, try an in-person key replacement service at a nearby hardware or auto parts store first.

Where can I get car keys made near me?

As you might expect, the best place to get car keys copied is at an auto parts store. If you don’t have one near you, try your local home improvement or hardware store. Select a location with personal service, as a self-service kiosk may not work.

Can I get copies of Do Not Duplicate keys?

Yes, you can copy a key that says “do not duplicate” on it, but not in every circumstance. Do Not Duplicate, or DND keys, are often to apartment complex entries and other more public areas.

It’s understandable that owners of community areas do not want those keys duplicated. The best tactic is to visit the original store or locksmith that produced the key to ask for a copy.

They will likely have a record of the original purchase, which will allow the key to be duplicated.

If that does not work, approach the landlord or rental office with your key duplication request.

Another option is to tell the maker of the key that you own the property and have the right to duplicate the key. This may satisfy some, but not all, key cutters.

Some companies will require proof of ownership, so be prepared to provide it.

Want to know where to get keys made near me quickly and for cheap? Here are the 23 best places for key duplication that don’t require you to spend a lot.Key Duplication Near Me: Bottom Line


Perhaps you were overwhelmed, as I was when I searched for places to get keys made near me. There is no lack of options. Hopefully, this review has shown the best place to go for you.

Remember, the best choice depends on the type of key you need to copy and the closest option to you. Select the choice that provides the best service at the best cost.


Where do you go to get a copy of a key made? How much does it cost at that location? How often do you lose your keys?

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