243 | Negative People

Joshua and Ryan talk about why we are addicted to negativity, gossip, and other disempowering emotions and behaviors; what we can do to improve or walk away from negative situations; and they answer the following questions:

How do I tactfully address disrespectful family members? (01:59)

How do I handle welcome and unwelcome teasing from others? (03:56)

How do I manage the offensive behavior of others? (05:12)

How do I stand up for myself with loved ones? (08:40)

How do I address a toxic relationship with a superior at work when using HR is not an option? (13:53)

What is the difference between immoral and illegal? (15:21)

How do I recognize when I’ve reached the breaking point at my job? (15:47)

How do I appropriately address people who constantly judge me and overstep boundaries? (25:04)

How do I establish appropriate boundaries with others? (25:27)

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