29 Easy DIY Projects to do at Home This Weekend

Due to the global pandemic, we all are spending more time at home than ever. One terrific way to break up the monotony is to tackle some DIY projects.

If you’re like me, it’s fun to think about how you can frugally spruce up your home to help the time go by faster. Fortunately, there are countless projects you can do at home that require minimal time and tools.

Easy DIY Projects You Can Do This Weekend


Are you looking for DIY ideas to pass the time and brighten your home? Here are 29 fun projects to do at home this weekend.

1. DIY Coffee/Tea Station


Who doesn’t love coffee or tea (or both)? You can organize your supplies in their own little space.

You could purchase an organizer from Amazon for your countertop if you have space. Finish your setup with some colorful mugs or glasses.

2. Make A Rolling Organizer


All you need for this project are a few crates or boxes, some wheels, and wood or shelving to put your crates in.

Use this to store pantry or bathroom items. You could even use it as a rolling makeup cart.

3. Upgrade Your Mirror


Many floor-length and vanity mirrors are boring. Jazz yours up with some paint, new light bulbs, washi tape, or glitter.

4. Teach Your Children to Cook


Don’t forget to include your children in the DIY fun since they’re also stuck at home.

One way to include children in the DIY festivities is to teach them how to cook. Their ability to help will vary depending on their age, but this can be an exciting way for them to contribute around the house.

Raddish Kids is a terrific resource that offers kits, free recipes, and cooking videos to help children create simple meals.

5. Stencil Your Stands


Do you have a nightstand or side table you want to improve? Jazz it up with some paint and a stencil.

I suggest using a paint that really pops, like turquoise or gold. You can save time on this project by spray painting instead of using a paintbrush.

6. Change Out The Hardware


Give old furniture or cabinets a facelift with new hardware. You can add new knobs, handles, and more.

The Home Depot has a ton of different options that are wallet-friendly.

7. Make A Gallery Wall


Even if you’re renting, you can create a beautiful gallery wall using nails or command hooks. You can also set up a picture ledge if you like swapping out your photos often.

8. Paint Your Own Masterpiece


This is one of the best DIY home décor projects because it doesn’t require a ton of materials. You just need paint and a canvas.

You could go for a minimal and clean look or go all out and paint an entire scene. Many artists post tutorials on YouTube, so you can find inspiration for whatever aesthetic you envision. The creative possibilities are endless.

9. Brighten Up Your Backsplash


This is another rental-friendly DIY project. Use peel and stick backsplash to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom.

When you want to switch it out or you have to move, just peel it off the wall. It is that simple.

10. Switch Out Your Countertops


Not only can you change out your backsplash, but you can also switch up your countertops. This is great if your countertops are old but you’re not ready to replace them.

It only takes a few hours and some countertop paper to breathe new life into your counters, making this one of the easier DIY home projects.

11. Organize Your Pantry


My small pantry gets cluttered quickly. If you have the same problem, cleanout, add some shelving or organizational items, and reorganize your pantry.

Amazon has some terrific organizers that aren’t too expensive.

You can even add in some colorful baskets if you want to get fancy.

12. Make A Garden Wall


Even if you just have a small balcony, you can tackle this project. All you’ll need is some shiplap, pots, and a few plants (or seeds and soil).

Nail the shiplap together, screw in your pots, and you’ve made a wall garden.

13. Create A Fake Terrarium


If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s okay. You can enjoy the look of plants by creating a fake terrarium.

Get a few faux succulents and some pebbles, then put it all in a glass jar, vase, or opalhouse to create an awesome table fixture.

14. Make A Seasonal Wreath


Give your front door a little something extra by making a seasonal wreath. From Christmas to Teacher’s Day, you can create a wreath for just about any occasion.

Most wreaths start with a wreath frame, which you can get at most craft stores. The decorations you use to spruce up your wreath are up to you.

15. Make An Entryway Organizer


If you want to keep your entryway free of clutter, this project is for you. All you need is wood or baskets, hooks, and a couple of decorative items to create an organizer for your keys, mail, sunglasses, and other “outside” items.

16. Gift Yourself A “Couch Sleeve”


Do you love to drink coffee on your couch, but don’t have a side table? Make a couch sleeve. Three pieces of wood and a few nails later, you’ll be able to set any drink on your sofa arm without the fear of spilling.

17. Store Your Blankets


If you like the farmhouse or boho look, you can create a blanket ladder. Start by building a ladder from some wood (you can even get pre-cut pieces at The Home Depot).

Then, screw the rungs in between two pieces of wood and hang your blanket stash on the rungs.

18. Redo Your Fireplace


Is your fireplace looking a bit dingy? If you have a concrete fireplace, clean it up and dye it a new color with some concrete dye.

For less than $50, you’ll have a brand new fireplace.

19. Repurpose Your Candle Jars


Instead of throwing away your candle jars, repurpose them. Clean them out with hot water and soap, let them dry, then put anything you want inside of them.

They’d even work for your fake terrarium.

20. Wallpaper Your Room


If you’re a wallpaper lover, this is one of the most appealing DIY projects you’ll find on this list. There are tons of wallpaper styles that are modern, fun, and removable. Pick your favorite, put it up, and create an accent wall.

When you get tired of it, you can switch it out for a fresh design.

21. Organize Yourself


Do you want to be more organized? Create a chalkboard on your wall with chalkboard paint and a washi tape border.

You can also make your own acrylic calendar with an acrylic sheet, brass bolts, and a drill. Make sure you hang your masterpiece in a location where you’ll actually use it to stay on track.

22. Learn To Macrame


Make a macrame hanger, plant holder, or tapestry in less than two hours. All you need to do is learn how to make basic macrame knots and grab some macrame cord.

This is an awesome project if you also want to learn to knit or crochet.

23. Upcycle Your Wine Corks


You can use wine corks for DIY home projects. If you can be diligent about collecting and storing your wine corks, you can turn them into a one of a kind corkboard.

Glue your corks to a heavy cardstock or poster board. Then hang it up and use it to pin memos, photos, and notes.

24. Label Your Rooms


Do you have a teenager who loves keeping their bedroom door shut? Or, do you want to label your space to lower confusion for guests?

Get some foam board and use tacks or colorful nails to create signs. You can use the tacks or nails to “write” anything you want.

25. Make Your Own Scratchboard


If you’re a cat owner, you know the importance of a scratchboard. However, their prices are exorbitant.

Make your own using a large picture frame and a cheap doormat (cut to size).

26. Customize Your Curtains


Want to refresh a space or room? Start with your curtains. Tie-dye them, add some embellishments, or dye them a new color with fabric dye.

You can even change the rod to a new style or color.

27. Make A T-Shirt Rug


Don’t throw away your old t-shirts. Use them to make a rug for your home instead. Cut your shirts into strips, tie them into knots, then hot glue them onto a flat doormat.

If you want the rug to be a solid color, you can buy fabric dye on Amazon.

28. Repurpose An Old Suitcase


Repurpose your old suitcase into a dog or cat bed, an end table, or even a dress-up closet for your kids. Use your imagination on this DIY project so you can put that old suitcase to good use.

29. Make Your Own Bookcase


Readers rejoice! All you need are some crates or pallets for this easy DIY. Organize your crates or pallets based on how you want to store your books. Then nail or glue them together and organize your book collection.

You can go a step farther and do unique shapes or paint your new bookcase with a crazy design.

Are you looking for easy DIY projects this weekend? Here’s 29 fun projects to do at home to spruce up your house on a budget with minimal tools and skills.Summary


There are many fun projects to do at home that can be done over the course of a weekend. The best part about many of these DIY projects is that you likely have some supplies needed to complete them lying around your home.

With a few simple tools and enough money for some paint or hardware, you can have some brand new items in your home in less than two days.


What type of DIY home projects do you like to do on the weekends? What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your home on a budget?

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