267 | Zen Living

Joshua and Ryan discuss finding peace within and without with writer Leo Babauta, and they answer the following questions:

How can you be a minimalist with a large family? (03:34)

How did you start on your minimalist journey? (05:39)

Who inspired you to adopt minimalism? (09:06)

How do you convert other family members to minimalism to ensure peace when you’re living in close quarters? (11:32)

How important is it to recognize what you’ve accomplished? (12:46)

Is leading by example the best approach to helping others adopt minimalist practices? (15:50)

How do you recognize when you’re taking decluttering too far? (20:00)

Is there a danger in living to minimize? (22:05)

What does it mean to “question the ‘must’”? (28:52)

What is spartanism? (29:40)

What is Metta meditation? (32:00)

How do we shift between decluttering and simplifying to live a life of purpose? (35:04)

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