268 | Less Is Now

Joshua and Ryan talk about habit change, letting go of stuff, and the creative process that went into making their new film, Less Is Now, with filmmaker Matt D’Avella, and they answer the following questions:

How long have you been working on Less Is Now? (01:50)

How did the Less Is Now project start? (05:51)

How did the Less Is Now project evolve? (07:49)

How did you settle on a budget for Less Is Now? (10:16)

How do you curate the absolute essential tools for your work when it seems to require an overwhelming amount of items? (12:29)

How can constraints help creativity? (22:09)

Will a college degree provide a significant advantage for me in the entertainment industry? (23:36)

Is it dangerous to try too many things? (33:27)

How is there creation in destruction? (35:30)

What advice do you have for someone that’s just starting out that wants to have a successful film career like you? (38:05)

What is the Slow Growth Academy? (53:36)

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