270 | Obligations

Joshua and Ryan talk about reducing—or maybe even eliminating—obligations, and they answer the following questions:

What is your ‘context’? (02:23)

When is an obligation an actual obligation and not a perceived obligation? (04:31)

Is there a difference between commitment and obligation? (05:28)

What is the difference between want and desire? (07:04)

Do we truly want to be happy? (12:27)

What do you mean by ‘commitment’? (13:46)

How do I appropriately address societal obligations, such as charitable giving, when I don’t have the means to meet those obligations? (17:36)

What does ‘virtue’ mean? (25:47)

What is the difference between a community and a tribe? (26:38)

How do I prioritize financial obligations, such as debt? (29:24)

How do I step back from obligations I’ve accepted in the past? (41:47)

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