271 | How to Love

Joshua and Ryan talk about love, relationships, sex, and parenting with blogger, podcaster, and Registered Dietitian Becca Shern, and they answer the following questions:

What is our language problem? (02:11)

What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? (03:45)

What does commitment mean to you? (05:30)

What is your definition of “love”? (09:55)

How do you view unconditional love? (13:25)

How do you recognize when it’s time to end a relationship? (16:11)

What are the three components of a relationship? (24:16)

Why is compatibility the most difficult component of most relationships? (26:38)

Do you ever passionately disagree about important decisions that affect the entire family, and, if so, how do you handle compromise and conflict resolution? (31:44)

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