273 | Successfool

Joshua and Ryan talk about success, failure, fulfillment, and satisfaction—and how incessantly chasing those things can lead to foolness rather than fullness—and they answer the following questions:

What does success mean to you? (03:06)

What are your beliefs regarding spirituality? (07:38)

How do value judgments affect success? (13:08)

What is nihilism? (14:39)

How do I overcome my addiction to procrastination so I can focus on doing meaningful work? (17:00)

What are the two kinds of ‘haves’? (19:53)

What is the “thing you can’t not do”? (20:21) 

What is the best way to address distractions? (29:25)

What do you mean by “the costs we must pay”? (32:08)

How do you rebuild yourself and restructure your idea of success after a failure? (36:09) 

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