274 | Organized Kids

Joshua and Ryan talk about raising organized children with behavioral and developmental pediatrician Dr. Damon Korb, and they answer the following questions:

What are executive functions? (01:34)

What is behavioral pediatrics? (02:18)

What do you mean by “organized children”? (02:47)

How has the pandemic affected children’s health? (03:24)

How do we set appropriate boundaries with our children? (04:58)

How do we help our children adopt minimalist practices that stick at an early age so they don’t lose them and suffer the consequences in adulthood? (05:38)

How can we be minimalist parents? (06:50)

How can we teach our children to be problem-solvers? (09:51)

How can we help our children deal with boredom? (10:35)

What advice do you have for first-time parents? (14:43)

How do you balance setting boundaries with a child while still allowing them room to explore and learn about who they are? (19:16)

How do we appropriately handle our expectations regarding our children? (21:54)

What are the “5 H’s” regarding kids? (27:30)

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