276 | The Unfollowing

Joshua and Ryan talk about unsubscribing and unfollowing anything that doesn’t bring tranquility or increase well-being, and they answer the following questions:

How has unsubscribing and unfollowing helped your tranquility? (08:36)

Should we attempt to explain ourselves to others when they question our minimalist lifestyle, or simply invite them to ‘unfollow’ us? (12:37)

Can minimalism help us bring order back to our chaotic lives? (14:44)

How do we determine the appropriate ‘path’? (18:50)

We can’t impose tranquility on the world around us, so how do we adjust our internal settings to maintain inner tranquility? (23:10)

Why do insults irritate us so intensely? (29:09)

How do we adjust relationships that are predicated on conflict? (31:20)

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