277 | Unusual Living Arrangements

Joshua and Ryan talk about alternative living options—communal living, throuples, combined families, long-term singlehood, nomadic living—with the CEO and cofounder of Nourish Balance Thrive, Christopher Kelly, and they answer the following questions:

What is ancestral health? (03:20)

What has likely caused our overall decline in health? (05:08) 

Is our current status quo of living arrangements in detrimental conflict with the natural order? (07:28)

How do people continue to help the paradigm of the nuclear family work? (10:40)

How do we set appropriate boundaries with roommates and ensure those boundaries are not crossed to prevent theft, property damage, and tense co-living environments? (11:59)

What is Christopher’s communal living arrangement? (12:38)

Why did Christopher adopt his communal living arrangement? (13:53)

How does Christopher manage living with several different families? (15:34)

What is ‘helicopter parenting’? (20:53)

What is your definition of “commune”? (22:59)

What are the pros and cons of unusual living arrangements in cultures that wholly embrace them? (28:36)

What does the “WEIRD” acronym represent? (30:56)

How do you define “solitude”? (32:40)

What is Joshua’s living arrangement? (33:51)

What is the ‘sweet spot’ regarding how many people you can live with? (35:25)

Who created the monogamous nuclear family? (38:40)

At what point does a group become a cult? (48:50)

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