278 | Hoarders

Joshua and Ryan talk about hoarding—the clinical definition, the statistics, the causes, the symptoms, the common types, the risks, the recovery—and they answer the following questions:

What is the clinical definition of “hoarding”? (03:00)

What is “spartanism”? (03:35)

What are the common types of hoarding? (05:43)

What is the difference between hoarding and collecting? (09:30)

What is the “sunk-cost fallacy”? (11:02)

What are the symptoms of hoarding? (21:56)

What are the causes of hoarding? (23:30)

How is hoarding diagnosed? (27:51)

Do children hoard? (29:41)

When do obsessions become unhealthy? (31:38)

What are the five levels of hoarding? (32:04)

Are there affluent hoarders? (43:17)

How does one become a hoarder? (45:16)

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