279 | Too Busy

Joshua and Ryan talk about the problem of busyness and how we can better manage our time, and they answer the following questions:

Why can’t we ever seem to get ahead of our to-do lists? (01:43)

What lists do you find helpful? (02:13)

What is “busyness”? (06:42)

How do we gain more discretionary time despite the onslaught of modern obligations and responsibilities? (11:25)

Is striving for work-life balance a fruitless endeavor? (13:58)

Are there any tools that can help with our overwhelm? (16:06)

What is the fear related to busyness? (17:24)

What can someone do if they feel they’re too busy to figure out how to become less busy? (25:30)

Would you be doing what you’re doing today if you only had six months left to live? (28:28)

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