280 | Environmental Minimalism

Joshua and Ryan discuss the relationship between minimalism and environmentalism with author and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and they answer the following questions:

What is our biggest environmental problem, and is it too late to fix it? (01:38)

Since environmentalism is an idea that I cannot back down from, compromise on, or see from both sides, at what point is it dangerous to keep saying there are no ‘shoulds’? (04:33)

Why are landfills more prominent in the United States compared to Europe? (09:28)

How can we make individuals and companies more environmentally conscious? (11:47)

What is your opinion regarding the policy of the United States to ‘leap-first, look-later’ regarding environmental chemicals? (23:29)

What is the Toxic Substance Control Act? (27:36)

What are PFA’s? (29:46)

Why have we seen such an increase in chronic diseases among children? (30:53)

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