281 | Emergency Items

Joshua and Ryan discuss emergency items, preparing for emergencies, and when it’s appropriate to hold on to certain just-in-case items, and they answer the following questions:

How do we prepare for chaos? (04:33)

What are the three types of emergencies? (05:49)

What do you keep in your car? (08:02)

How do we reconcile what we actually need with what we want? (12:12)

What is the most important thing in an emergency? (14:36)

What essentials should we keep in a first aid kit for both home and travel? (19:18)

What is the difference between an emergency item and a just-in-case item? (25:50)

How do you differentiate between just-in-case items and just-for-when items? (31:42)

What are “b.s. emergency items”? (36:36)

What books, websites, podcasts would you recommend as resources for information regarding emergency preparedness? (43:27)

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