How to Watch FOX Without Cable

Losing local channels is a big reason why people stick with cable. However, there are many ways to watch FOX without cable.

The average cable bill costs $200 a month. Fortunately, it’s possible to put some money back in your pocket while still catching the latest episodes of hit shows like The Masked Singer and 9-1-1.

Ways to Get FOX Without Cable

Trying to avoid losing local networks isn’t a reason to delay cutting the cord. You can easily get them through an antenna or live TV streaming service.

Here are the best ways to watch FOX without having cable or satellite TV.

1. Buy an Antenna

An antenna is the best way to get FOX without cable.

One upfront cost of about $50 will score you an antenna you can use to watch your local FOX station.

This is the most affordable way to watch local channels without cable because it lets you pick up every over-the-air station broadcast near you.

The number of channels you get with an antenna varies depending on how close you are to the nearest broadcasting tower. It’s also impacted by what kind of antenna you buy.

We get about 30 channels with ours. People in larger cities easily get 50 channels or more.

If you live within 60 miles of your local FOX affiliate, an indoor antenna like a Mohu Leaf will work fine for you.

If you live farther away, you’ll need an outdoor antenna. Alternately, you can subscribe to a live TV streaming service to get your live broadcast of FOX and other local networks.

Head to Amazon to find an antenna that meets your needs.

2.  fuboTV

This live TV service is a great way to stream FOX. It has a full channel lineup of national networks and many of the most popular TV channels.

You get 110 channels with fuboTV, which costs $64.99 a month.

The Family plan includes a range of news, sports, and entertainment channels.

While it doesn’t have Turner networks, its channel selection includes 43 of the top-ranked Nielsen channels.

Although it’s on the higher end of the streaming space, it’s still quite a bit cheaper than cable.

Try fuboTV free for seven days to see what you think of it.

Read our review now to learn more.

Info Data
Pricing & Packages Family – $64.99 / Elite – $79.99
Channels 105 – 165+
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams 3
DVR Family – 250 hours/Elite – 1,000 hours
On-demand library Yes

3. Vidgo

As one of the newer entrants to the streaming space, Vidgo is known for having the most social streaming features.

Scheduling watch parties, filming live reaction videos, and creating polls with friends and family is easy with Vidgo.

It carries dozens of popular TV networks like FOX and ABC, but it does not offer CBS or NBC. If you want those channels, you’ll need an antenna.

Additionally, it has no DVR, which is a big drawback. Fortunately, it does offer 72-hour playback.

At $55 a month, it’s a bit pricey and is missing some key features. However, it is still much cheaper than cable. You can try it for $10 for the first month.

Read our Vidgo review to see the full channel lineup and learn more about its features.

Info Data
Pricing & Packages English & Spanish – $55
Channels 85+
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams 3
DVR Not yet
On-demand library Not yet

4. Hulu Live

Hulu Live is one of the most popular streaming platforms and offers another excellent way to watch FOX live.

In addition to all the basic cable channels, a subscription includes tons of exclusive originals and on-demand content.

On top of receiving FOX programming, you’ll get all your locals and about 90 channels of live TV.

Popular shows from networks like HGTV, A&E, ESPN, AMC, and more are in the Hulu lineup.

Like fuboTV, it costs $64.99 a month. A basic subscription lets you stream on two screens simultaneously and includes 50 hours of cloud DVR service.

If you want more than that, you can pay $10 a month to upgrade to unlimited screens. Upgrading to 200 hours of cloud DVR also costs $10 a month.

You can add both upgrades for $15 a month.

If you like Disney, you can bundle Disney+ and ESPN+ with a Hulu Live subscription for an extra $13.99 a month.

Without DVR or screen upgrades, that add-on brings the total cost to $77.99 a month, which is still cheaper than cable.

Try the service risk-free for seven days to see what you think.

Read our comprehensive review to learn more.

Info Data
Pricing & Packages $64.99
Channels 80 + locals
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams 2 – Free / unlimited – $9.99
DVR 50 hrs. – Free / 200 hrs. – $9.99
On-demand library Yes

5. Sling TV

This is another option to watch FOX without a cable provider if you live in a market where FOX is offered.

Unfortunately, SlingTV doesn’t carry FOX everywhere. However, it does offer it as part of the Sling Blue package in 18 cities.

City Station
New York WNYW
Philadelphia WTXF
Chicago WFLD
Detroit WJBK
Atlanta WAGA
Washington, DC WTTG
Houston KRIV
Orlando/Daytona/Melbourne WOFL
Tampa/St. Petersburg WTVT
Gainesville WOGX
Milwaukee WITI
Minneapolis/St. Paul KMSP
Dallas/Ft. Worth KDFW
Austin KTBC
Phoenix KSAZ
Seattle KCPQ
Los Angeles KTTV
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose KTVU

While it doesn’t provide all your local channels, SlingTV is a great way to cut the cord and save big money each month.

It’s the most affordable way to watch ESPN without cable, which is included in its Orange package.

FOX Sports and the NFL Network are included in the Blue package.

Both packages cost $35 a month individually, or you can choose Orange plus Blue for $50 a month.

You can stream on three screens at once and add on a variety of additional channel packages to a Blue subscription.

If you like Sling and live in a city where the FOX live stream isn’t carried, you can always pair an antenna with your subscription and save a ton over cable.

Read more about the service in our review.

Info Data
Pricing & Packages Orange – $35 / Blue – $35 / Orange + Blue – $50
Channels Orange – 30 (ESPN) / Blue – 42 / Orange + Blue – 50+
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams Orange – 1 / Blue – 3 / Orange + Blue – 3
DVR 50 hrs. – Free / 200 hrs. – $5/mo.
On-demand library Yes

6. DirecTV Stream

Previously known as AT&T TV, this is now DirecTV Stream. Not much changed other than the name.

It’s the most expensive way to get FOX without cable.

Plans start at $69.99 a month and go up from there. The most expensive of the four plans tops out at $140 a month.

Surprisingly, even that is still less expensive than what the average person pays for live TV programming through a cable or satellite plan.

If this is how you choose to watch FOX shows, you’ll want to go with the Entertainment plan. It has 65 channels, including all your locals.

As with the other options here, it offers many of the most popular entertainment, sports, and lifestyle channels.

Plus, it is the only way to get all the Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) in your area.

Unfortunately, its DVR isn’t great. It only comes with 20 hours of recording capacity. That is far below other options.

You can upgrade to unlimited for an extra $10 a month.

While there is no free trial, you can cancel within the first 14 days and get a refund.

7. YouTube TV

As one of the most popular streaming platforms, YouTube TV is a solid way to watch FOX without a TV provider.

At $64.99 a month, its cost is right in line with Hulu Live and fuboTV.

The benefit of YouTube TV is its simplicity. There’s just one plan with 90 popular channels. Additionally, there are dozens of lifestyle and entertainment networks.

It’s also a great choice for sports as it includes ESPN, FS1, FS2, and all the professional sports league stations.

It even includes an unlimited cloud DVR and stores recordings for nine months.

If you’re looking for a simple way to watch FOX online, you may like this option.

Try YouTube TV free for seven days to see if you like it.

Read our review here to learn more.

Info Data
Pricing & Packages $64.99
Channels 85+
Supported Devices iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams 3
DVR No limit
On-demand library Yes

8. Watch on the FOX Now App

Many people ask if you can watch your local FOX channel for free through the FOX Now app. The answer is that you can, but it depends on the show and the required wait period.

Some current episodes of FOX shows are available free eight days after they first air live.

After you download the FOX Now app to your TV or streaming device, you can see which shows you are able to watch for free and which ones require a login from a participating TV provider account.

If there is a lock icon on an episode, you will need a login from a TV service to access them. Hulu Live, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, and cable providers are accepted as participating providers.

Live streaming content is not available in all markets. Still, the app is free, so you can download it and give it a try.  

How Can I Watch FOX Without a TV Provider?

The best way to watch FOX without a cable or satellite provider is by signing up for one of the streaming services mentioned here.

Another option is to sign up for traditional Hulu. With plans starting at $6.99 a month, you can watch episodes of many FOX shows through Hulu.

Read our review to see how it compares to Hulu Live now.

How Can I Stream FOX for Free?

There is no true way to watch FOX for free. The closest option is to purchase an antenna.

After a one-time cost of about $50, you will be able to stream your local FOX station live for free.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to pay for cable to watch FOX live. An antenna or a subscription to a streaming service is a great way to watch your favorite FOX shows affordably.

If you want more than just your local channels, try a true cable replacement like fuboTV and see what you think. Even though it will cost you money, you’ll still save $100 or more per month over cable.


How much do you spend on cable or streaming services monthly?

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